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  1. Even later than you. My wife started watching this recently and I watch on and off. This show is so great. Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson. Hard to think of a better cast than that. I am struggling as to whether I can suggest this show for my parents, since it is a bit 'mature.' Another that my wife found that we like is Derry Girls. As a teen in that era (Boston, not NI) it brings back some great memories of music and other stuff of that era.
  2. I try to put everything on a cc. When I do charge, it is on our AMEX, unless someone doesn't accept it. I love how we get a ton of points on everything. I also have as many bills as possible tied to that card. As far as cash, I usually get $200 out of the bank from an ATM when needed, and give half to my wife. With 3 teens, in he pre-covid era, there was always a need for cash for something. I can't remember when I went to the ATM to get the cash that I have left in my wallet (~$20)
  3. PM sent to @Mr. Ected @kutta, @Tusken Raider - Sent TR a PM. If he's ok, we'll exchange addresses! THanks!
  4. Wasn't sure where to put this, figured this thread worked. The Beach Boys - Wouldn't it Be Nice (vocals only) Beautiful.
  5. Oh god, I remember being in maybe 5th or 6th grade, we were changing classes and had lots of stuff in our backpacks. For whatever stupid reason, it was cool to only use one shoulder strap. It was so annoying and would always slip off and need re-adjusting. So stupid of me but I guess that was the kind of stupid #### one had to do to be "popular" in 6th grade. What a ridiculous age that is. In a normal year, my kids (12th, 11th, 8th) have 3" binders for each class, with their teachers printing copies of everything rather than giving them a textbook. For some reason, the kids feel like they need to carry every page with them all the time. For years, I have tried to get them to have a binder for each day (A&B day schedule) with stuff they are working on and a binder at home for each class, that way they can carry less around and be more organized. Crickets. Or heck, their school gives them a ChromeBook. Scan everything and store the PDFs on your computer. Easy to find stuff that way, nice and light, too!! Obviously parents know nothing. (I know I would likely have been similar.)
  6. In my kids' HS it's not that the school doesn't let them, it's just that the school is large and it would take too long to get back and forth. Part of me is glad they get this year off 'remotely' or else they would be walking around leaning to one side, since they carry such huge amounts of weight in their backpacks on one shoulder!
  7. Love seeing some Triumph representation in this thread. 40% Canadian trios!
  8. Isn’t this similar to Target or a grocery store making a store-brand pain killer or cereal because the name brand one is selling well?
  9. I noticed that as well. I liked the filmed as well. I will have to dig up the article. I like the comparison to sports, I think this is a reason why they will do this more with musicals in the future, rather than just distant shots showing the stage. I agree that the ensemble and staging were spectacular. The article noted that possibly the filmed version focused too much on the main characters. Reviews are like that, often with people who watch/read/etc things and just want them to be the way they have always been.
  10. We watch a bunch of HGTV shows, and I wonder how much of them are scripted, especially with the curious occurrences in every episode of some semi-disastrous event with the house that is being renovated.
  11. Read that LMM was given the option to have the spitting CGI'd out, but he wanted to keep it in to show how the King sang. Saw it once in the theater, and multiple times on Disney+ (my wife, like others in here , has become a bit of a fanatic, listening to the soundtrack constantly. The King is my favorite character, I love the little things they do with him, like the stomp and change of the lights to blue in his first songs, and him dancing happily around when all is going poorly towards the end. I loved the way they filmed the show. I read that they filmed one live show, then filmed it again on a day off without a crowd so cameras would not interfere with people sight-lines. I hope to see more musicals filmed this way in the future. On a separate note, some people have said that the format loses some of the perspective of the background with the other dancers and props. I go back and forth, both are important.
  12. We're looking also. One for my daughter and one for my wife. With everyone at home, more time spent in desk chairs!!
  13. Countries rearranged by population. Shows countries rearranged so that area is proportional to population. (China is in Russia, etc.) ETA: you may want to d/l so you can zoom better.
  14. Put this song in my top 5. Magic Power - Triumph Something's at the edge of your mind You don't know what it is Something you were hoping to find But you're not sure what it is Then you hear the music And it all comes crystal clear The music does the talking Says the things you want to hear [Chorus] I'm young, I'm wild and I'm free I've got the magic power of the music in me I love how the chorus changes slightly the next time it comes up, after a verse about a girl listening to the radio waiting for a song (who does that anymore! ) She's young now, she's wild now, she wants to be free She gets the magic power of the music from me
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