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  1. https://www.cinemablend.com/news/1582039/that-doctor-strange-civil-war-reference-isnt-what-you-think-it-is Thanks. Still a clever Egg.
  2. Forgive me if this is a Honda, but I figured this was a good place to ask a question. Was watching Dr. Strange today, and was listening to the phone call that Strange was having just before the accident (SPOILER! ) and heard him turn down a patient that was (something like) "an Air Force Colonel with a lower spinal cord injury." Does the MCU timeline fit where that would have been Col. Rhodes after the Civil War fight?
  3. I apologize if this is a Honda, but I saw this today, and it is just so well done. What would Avengers have done with a 1999 cast?
  4. Bet you guys are excited for the new one in the works! https://giphy.com/gifs/talking-aUcv812ySY0QE
  5. We were showing our kids 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' this weekend, and since the movie is so old (1988) it has a bunch of credits at the beginning of the movie. We were wondering if the Marvel Post-Credit scenes are related to moving the credits to the end of the movie, and trying to get people to stay and view the credits. As far as 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,' this came out way back when I was in HS, it was one of the best comedies of the 80s. Steve Martin and Michael Caine go so well together. The scenes with Steve Martin as 'Ruprecht the Monkey Boy' are painful to watch!
  6. Was chatting with a friend and when he said he was going to opening nite for Black Panther, I mentioned that he should be excited that there will be a Deadpool 2 preview for showings of Black Panther. He said that he was sort of meh on DP, and I was shocked, since DP is probably my favorite Marvel movie. I love it as a giggle-fest, I can't stop laughing when I hear many of Ryan Reynolds lines. He is more of a purist than I am, and he said that one of his problems was the 'breaking of the 4th wall' (This refers to either directly referencing the audience, the show as a show, or the charact
  7. Trailer for Thor: Ragnarok - 1980s movie version. If you were, like me, a teenager in the 80s, you will appreciate this.
  8. Got it. Thanks tons!

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