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  1. I always disliked raspberrys. I like the flavor fine, but I hate the million little seeds or chunks of whatever. So annoying. Yet I love strawberrys and am willing to overlook it in those.
  2. Cool. I love Purple as well. I've been to the Woodinville and Bellevue locations, and this gives me a great reason to go to the Seattle one. I work only a few blocks away, so I'll make it a point to go there soon.
  3. Krista, cool story about your mom. Would you mind sharing the name of the restaurant? Those of us in Seattle, if we get a chance and go there could leave a big fat tip in the name of Kristamom.
  4. You're a good dude GM. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone. There are many people out there in similar situations as you, including me. Reading your thoughts and fears and worries is like you're pulling the words out of my head.
  5. Thanks heckmanm and U-H. I didn't know what the perfect temperature range was, and now knowing that I should keep it above 60, I can just leave that door open enough to regulate the temperature as needed to keep it in the optimal range. Also thanks for the link. I've grabbed a few books to read before I start out. Want to be prepared and not ruin the first batch. What I gather so far is cleanliness is the biggest factor in making sure your beer doesn't turn out bad.
  6. I have a non climate controlled added on room to my house, that in the winter can get down into the low 50's. We just keep the door closed. Is that too low to ferment beer? How cold is too cold? I was thinking of starting this up, and wondered if this would be ok.
  7. If most people are like me, this is everyone's Friday. Not much going on in here. Somebody do something entertaining...
  8. I like cashier small talk. What I hate is personal conversations on the train, either between two other riders, or one rider on the phone. I don't want to hear all the personal details of your horrible dating life, your gout problems (Hi Shuke!) or your problems with your friends or family. I don't mind the normal chit-chat, work, weather, sports, etc., but when it gets to personal problems, I'm out. That's when I pop on the headphones, and it seems to be happening more and more. Why can't people have these personal conversations in private, wait till they're off of public transportation, inst
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