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  1. Larkin out for Detroit, probably best to stay away now (too late for me )
  2. The one downside to using Pinnacle is less live betting options. I should probably get a second site going for line shopping anyway... What site are most people using here? I did a quick search on reddit and Pinnacle seems to still be regarded as the best for lines and fast payouts. Looks like a lot of people love Bet365 for live betting. Also looking further, these sites might still be geo-restricted in the US and I'm probably asking in the wrong place.
  3. True, I thought Bernier was confirmed but looks like just "likely".
  4. Thanks. 🍻 And with this in mind... I'm adding Detroit +136. Malcolm Subban is in net for Chicago and he's been good lately but he's not as good as Lankinen and puts the Red Wings in play. Edit - Dylan Larkin is out for Detroit, I would pass on this.
  5. Philly -147, this line is changing quickly with news that Eichel is out for Buffalo.
  6. Vegas -200. I will likely add some more but it's going to depend on goalies and injuries.
  7. Category idea: TV on the Radio (not the band). Songs associated with TV shows or episodes. We've done TV themes and movie and tv soundtracks a lot but I can think of a lot of TV shows where either bands showed up on the show, or the music that played over a pivotal scene was absolutely crucial or just generally the many many ways songs and music are used in TV*, hell, it was most of the reason I watched The OC. *also yes, I started watching Bridgerton last night and that ma
  8. This came on the radio while I was out running errands and true to the category, made me feel so happy. Also made me think, is this the most enduring "rock" song of the 00s? I think it certainly would be in the UK where it still charts every year and is the standard end of night song at pubs, etc.. but maybe in North America too? I feel like it ended up way more mainstream than all the big Strokes, Franz, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys etc... Others that I thought of are Seven Nation Army, Float On, Yellow and the two big MGMT singles, but I'm not sure they still get as much widespread play
  9. Like I say, my least favourite night in a while. That said, Adin Hill (3rd string) is in net for ARZ, so I'm going ahead with the o5.5 in ARZ/COL
  10. Seems like another good release day. Julien Baker - Little Oblivions - apparently her "fullest sounding" yet, which means I'll probably love it. Nick Cave/Warren Ellis - Carnage - getting excellent reviews and described as very much a lockdown album Cloud Nothings - The Shadow I Remember - kind of snuck up on me but I like all their albums and there's usually one or two songs that really stand out and rise above as best of the year types. Maximo Park - Nature Always Wins - A 3-piece now, this is getting good reviews. I've never stopped listening to them, so curious to s
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