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  1. FRIDAY AFTERNOON MINI-DRAFT - BUFFALO SABRES GOALS SONGS. LINK TO SONGS - https://twitter.com/BuffaloSabres/status/1448778664490029057 PLAYLIST - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/314H2TbatTBEVepQubwWKG?si=4859702496db4b36 FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. YOU ARE DRAFTING BASED ON AWESOMENESS AS A GOAL SONG. I'll start 1.01 - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers - Robert Hagg
  2. #### I'm glad I don't have to play in a fantasy league against me.
  3. NHL players by birth country breakdown: https://twitter.com/wyshynski/status/1448668459127214086 I didn't realize there is technically a UK player in the league - I say technically because is Nathan Walker actually going to play and he was born there but didn't live there long, though it's equally cool if you attribute him to Australia. More players from Finland than Russia. Roughly 3 out of 7 players in the league is Canadian, hasn't been over 50% for a long time. Arthur Kaliyev first Uzbekistan player since Maxim Mayorov? And... as the Wysh tweet says, I also thought there were more than 10 Swiss players in the league.
  4. Kotkaniemi on the first line tonight with Aho and Necas, Carolina really trying to make this happen eh?
  5. I think I hate the New York Rangers now and want them to lose. I've never seen a teen so obviously get worse in the name of tuffness. Obviously their whole offseason was this but dressing Jarred Tinordi over Nils Lundkvist is just the latest example of them galaxy braining "the code" or whatever. Washington didn't leave Hendrix Lapierre on the bench in favour of some crash and bang forward and he just put the game away.
  6. I am armed with the past, and the will, and a brick I might not want you back, but I want to kill him
  7. She makes it really clear that she's a way different person Than the person that I knew in the past But once she starts rolling it's wild like the ocean And the ocean is violent and vast
  8. I could see LA finishing 3rd in that division. I don't have much confidence in the Canadian teams that couldn't make the playoffs in the all Canada division or the expansion Kraken.
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