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  1. I have a million and one picks for NASA but the Hum picks really made me think of this one 370.NVa - Girl From Mars - Ash - NASA and since I went Rocket Man/Spaceman, doubling down on girls seems appropriate here (plus this song rules) 370.NVb - Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones - NASA
  2. I'll try to do the spreadsheet. FIL was supposed to have surgery tomorrow for the new growths but we heard from anaesthesiologist and post-op but no one to actually schedule surgery, so we're thinking maybe pushed til Sunday? This is to say I'll be around this weekend. Also, I'm quite drunk. I challenged my buddy who walks everywhere to a step competition. First to 50k steps starting yesterday. I ran 8k yesterday and 4k today. And did a 9.5k walk (to the pub and back for curbside pickup). I also did some weight lifting with Mrs. NV I was still behind in steps, so after a f
  3. I drafted a song called Space Cadet a week too soon it seems. I'm realizing I drafted "Louder in Outer Space" last night an hour or so before NASA was rolled.
  4. If we can't get the draft together in time, Dobber's box pool is set up very well/very challenging this year. We could throw it to the wider FFA and NHL thread. I'm doing one with my friends, family etc.. here's what it looks like. I probably can't do a live draft before the playoffs start. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k_fyPQEJ1a6wQKyXm3G5BDWCmd2SD7-OLGqtOlLhvY8/edit?usp=drivesdk
  5. I'm going to take a couple really obvious ones here, versions on a theme. 369.NVa - Rocket Man - Elton John - NASA Mission Control 369.NVb - Spaceman - The Killers - NASA Mission Control
  6. My day yesterday was very similar to the day before, right down to the budgeting one more beer than I ended up drinking. 1920 Calorie budget (did an 8k run), 1819 calories used Green 662 calories - protein shake, apple, banana, 2x corn, Caesar salad Yellow 519 calories - small pasta salad, pulled unpork, light beer Red 638 calories - lightlife sausage, white bun, DIPA. ---- Today I'll skip breakfast and I have a 9km walk and some circuit training planned which will allow for a cheat meal and some beer tonight to start off the weekend exercised and happy.
  7. I guess it is... In that case FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!! Bonus.NV - Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone - Glass Tiger featuring Bryan Adams
  8. Featuring isnt going away this time is it? There's one I want to sneak on and I don't want to forget it when it's gone..
  9. I have this on my gym playlist and it always gets me in a good mood. Great choice!! 🤝 Haha, that's really funny, I was just going to say "Rain on Me" is on Mrs. NV's and it came on the other day while we working out.
  10. And because I'm feeling this absolute banger of a female empowerment anthem tonight... (blame it on the DIPA) Bonus.NV - Power - Little Mix feat Stormzy - Featuring
  11. Any time you can get the girls from Veruca Salt to feature on your song, you have to know it rules... 368.NV - Louder in Outer Space - Skating Polly (feat Louise Post & Nina Gordon) - Featuring
  12. I somehow missed this being released, I don't think it got any fanfare but when I heard it after the fact, I loved it and I still do. 367.NV - Bad Ones - Matthew Dear featuring Tegan and Sara - Featuring
  13. I'm not sure it's super helpful here, unless I'm missing it. The second group is the "better" one for people here in the weight loss thread (according to the author) and the majority of foods in it aren't ones people want to eat on their own. The assorted greens are great for you but people aren't going to sit and eat spinach or brussel sprouts or lettuce, they are going to add dressing or croutons or cheese or butter whatever and defeat the purpose (and possibly bring in sugar). All the various livers are non-starters for most people... That leaves celery, carrots, tomatoes, variou
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