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  1. 2/2 in early games, Penguins down one right now, let's make it another sweep!!
  2. I don't know if this song/video will resonate and have the same impact outside the Toronto area but holy #### it just hit me right in the feelings. @bssmusic This is an Unreleased jam to remind us that we must keep holding on — reach out —help each other— look around--we shall all be together soon —we love and miss you xoxo How's It Going - Kevin Drew/Broken Social Scene
  3. P.K. Subban a healthy scratch today apparently. I'm guessing his stupid ####### shot that injured Hischier is a big part of that. Edit - apparently not, Subban is in
  4. PIT - 101 WAS -141 NAS -123 ---- Chicago -190 is probably a play too but I can't do it at those odds.
  5. Yeah 3/3 yesterday, I think this is officially a heater.. Mostly afternoon games today, so we should get starting goalie confirmations early.
  6. I love being at, near, on, in, whatever I can get. There's about a 4 month window I can do it here
  7. Larkin out for Detroit, probably best to stay away now (too late for me )
  8. The one downside to using Pinnacle is less live betting options. I should probably get a second site going for line shopping anyway... What site are most people using here? I did a quick search on reddit and Pinnacle seems to still be regarded as the best for lines and fast payouts. Looks like a lot of people love Bet365 for live betting. Also looking further, these sites might still be geo-restricted in the US and I'm probably asking in the wrong place.
  9. Thanks. 🍻 And with this in mind... I'm adding Detroit +136. Malcolm Subban is in net for Chicago and he's been good lately but he's not as good as Lankinen and puts the Red Wings in play. Edit - Dylan Larkin is out for Detroit, I would pass on this.
  10. Philly -147, this line is changing quickly with news that Eichel is out for Buffalo.
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