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  1. The sport is absolutely massive where I live (Peterborough, Ontario). I do not like it.
  2. Right at the top of my list if I didn't do the indie rock theme with my picks.
  3. You are locked in. It was absolutely going to be my pick once I sat down for lunch here but I had to pivot to the NY playlist. I sniped rock and he sniped you.. Your turn.
  4. 435.NV - Days Are Gone - HAIM - Microphone #2 I believe this is the only song in their catalogue Este Haim sings lead vocals on. Interesting that it's one of their best and the title track from their lead album.
  5. 436.NV - Death Will Bring Change - Parquet Courts - Microphone #2 (Austin Brown) (featuring el floppino and the NYC School of Rock Children's Choir)
  6. Might throw some make up picks up here. 438.NV - Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) - Billy Ocean - Summerpalooza
  7. Craig Finn has lived in Brooklyn for 20+ years and that's where they formed. He definitely writes more often about the Twin Cities, Tampa/Ybor, Denver and Massachusetts though.
  8. Also, "New York City Cops" is so much better than "When It Started". I get why they had to replace it on the US release post-9/11 but it's so so good.
  9. Yeah, a ton of Interpol songs too. The Hold Steady have surprisingly few NYC references, considering they're a "Brooklyn Band"
  10. Early-oughts Friday Indiepalooza Extravaganza. These songs are all absolute bangers. 439.NV a- Spoon - New York Kiss - Songs About New York 439.NVb - The Strokes - New York City Cops - Songs About New York 439.NVc - Interpol - NYC - Songs About New York 439.NVd - St. Vincent - New York - Songs About New York
  11. Great live band (I'm sure you've said you've seen them too). I saw them at Wayhome Festival in '06 or '07. Speaking of... I've decided that today is the day I set myself up for heartbreak by diving headfirst into the Bonnaroo lineup. I have had tickets all along (with Steve Tasker, Unialias and our usual crew) but between my job stuff, vaccine rollout and the border, I haven't let myself get into it at all. But I told them the dates in talking about the job yesterday, they announced I can book my second vaccine a week from Monday and surely the borders will be open (and with zero qua
  12. Well really, I think there's only ever the same 15 people in this thread and I don't see how anyone could possibly ever stumble across it. But sure
  13. It's a very well established cottage country brewery. They have fairly wide distribution already so nice starting point. They also have 2 brewpubs up in the Muskoka area where the brewery is (about 2 hours from me), 3 brewing locations total. I live in the centre of the territory that I'll cover, it ends at the Eastern boundary of Toronto but not into the city itself, which makes a big difference for driving/traffic. Basically the same area I covered in my last job. They made the offer today but a couple little tweaks to be made before I can officially sign it (I asked for an extra
  14. With the craft brewery? ...3 months later.... I got offered a job with a craft brewery.
  15. I've come to like Palomas (Fresca/lime juice/tequila) as an easy, light, refreshing cottage cocktail.
  16. I might just be feeling sappy though as an after affect of a few beers last night. My best friend got engaged over the weekend and we hit the patio at our pub yesterday for the first time in ages (they reopened Friday) to celebrate. Hoping some good news is coming on the job front tomorrow too. I've had 4!! interviews with this company and know it was down to me and one other person and they scheduled a follow up call tomorrow, fingers crossed!!
  17. Can I pick the new Killers/Springsteen collab for Microphone #2? How incredible it must be to have one of your idols approach you and say they want to collaborate on one of your songs with you. Knowing that Brandon Flowers seems like a genuine good dude, it makes me so happy for him. Such a cool thing.
  18. I've had these two songs lined up since this category was first mentioned. 431.NVa - I Know The End - Pheobe Bridgers - Songs for the End of the World 431.NVb - The Greatest - Lana Del Rey - Songs for the End of the World If this is it, I'm signing off Miss doing nothin' the most of all Hawaii just missed that fireball L.A. is in flames‚ it's getting hot Kanye West is blond and gone "Life on Mars?" ain't just a song I hope the live stream's almost on
  19. Listening to other music with Mrs. NV so no link but.... 427.NV - Scorpion Hill - PUP - Working for a Living I love these lyrics so much, they're very Frightened Rabbit-y, I think it's my favourite PUP song. Time and time again, well I've tried and failed To get my act together And I'll admit lately things really went off the rails I know that you deserve better But in the morning, as I was boarding The commuter train to work The boss was calling, he said: "There's been cutbacks and I'm sorry you're the first" And If I can't support the two of us How can I s
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