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  1. Is he the first whiny clown to skip essentially an entire season in this way?
  2. Receiving TD? Edit:. Awesome....just looked. I thought he had "just" the 2 rushing touchdowns
  3. Trubisky needs to work on getting Cohen involved. Without Cohen, the offense is blah.
  4. Sounds like he was just another drunk journalist who happened to pick a fight with the wrong people at the bar. Unreal....and sad.
  5. I'm still wondering how in hell Chubb is even available in anything over 8 team leagues.
  6. Use any means necessary to prevent access to this country. Draw the line....
  7. Unfairly? Was there an autocorrect problem or something with that statement?
  8. I drafted Conner for next season and beyond. This season has just been a bonus.
  9. ?????.... I'll still consider myself an American in 2038. So I'm not sure how my opinion of Trump will change. MAGA
  10. A bit nippy in the mornings already here in Wisconsin. Wish that warming would hurry the hell up.
  11. Meh.... this is Green Bay's defense. Been saying for a few weeks that you start all your players against Green Bay defense. They are just ####### horrible.
  12. ????.....this kind of backfired on Pocahontas. Now even more people are laughing at her. She would have been better off just leaving it be.
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