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  1. The two parents almost got into a fight yesterday. I think Skipdog's advice was best.
  2. Good advice, this was kind of my lean. I think ignoring it could be problematic. This is why I wanted to take him to practice tonight. These are expectations that I feel need to be set.
  3. So you have two dads who almost came to blows yesterday and you're going to put them in your yard like nothing happened? IDK, my intuition says that might not be the smartest, that's why I'm conflicted. The parents of this BJJ kid have a page set up called Z's Sports World. It's just him doing all types of sports #### endlessly dating back to when he was a baby. Honestly, I'll give them credit, it is pretty cool.
  4. Y's dad is calm, cool, and collected. According to my wife, him and this other dad had some serious words (they were speaking in Spanish, so she doesn't know the words, but she said it looked like they were about to fight). I don't want to bring any of that nonsense to my house.
  5. I promised my son if they won a soccer tournament a few weeks back, I'd let him throw a pizza/pool party at our house for the kids on the team. (Quick humble brag on behalf of jr. just to get it out of the way) They won 5 games in 3 days. They were down 3-0 in the first half of the finals and came back to win 4-3, he scored 2 goals. He's been excited for this party ever since. On to the issue: There are 10 kids who played during the tournament. My intention was to invite them all. Anyways, my wife returned from practice yesterday (we were going to send the invites out last night) and says
  6. Curious, what type of economic background do you have and what do you base this comment on? After a lengthy economic expansion, such as the one that just ended, a smart leader would've been trying to reduce deficits, not increase them. Instead, he was blowing the deficits out. It isn't too difficult to build something great in the short term with increasing deficits when you have zero vision for the long term. You remember when he pitched the tax cut act to benefit billionaires and corporations? You remember when he repeatedly discussed the most unrealistic GDP growth projectio
  7. I know nothing about this. I came here to speak an opinion which was far from trolling. I’ve been impressed with how Pence comes off. He’s well spoken, direct, usually speaks on facts, and doesn’t put too much fluff out there, all while most likely being muzzled by Trump. He sounds how I’d expect a leader to sound. I’m shocked anyone could compare the two of them and say Trump is better suited for this job. More so, in comparison, Trump doesn’t speak on facts, but on opinion, and when doing so, he really just rambles. In this situation I’d absolutely support Pence, Trump isn’t made for this.
  8. The FFA is def more blue than red, but this forum and the PSF are both prob net losers for revenue, so I think your assumption here is wrong. Also, I asked in this very thread just 30 minutes ago if anyone wants a non-partisan opinion, I was told no by one poster and another laughed at the reply. In my post, I even complimented Mike Pence, a guy I have heavily criticized in the past, as I feel he comes off as a leader right now, much more so than the president.
  9. Of course you don’t want to hear an opinion that’s not based on red or blue... it’s pretty sad, tbh.
  10. You guys want a completely non-partisan opinion? Trump should resign and let Pence take over. I also say this as someone who has clearly expressed anti-Pence sentiments in the past. I think he’d do a much better job than Trump. He speaks better, comes off as a better leader, and honestly I think he’d make better decisions. This comment is made simply using what I’ve seen so far in terms of this crisis.
  11. I'm not going to pollute the Coronavirus thread with anything political or conspiracy theories, but I'm curious if this is an issue we generally agree on as Americans. What are your feelings towards China and CPC/CCP?
  12. My company just moved offices... New office has a gym in the building, I've been working out at lunch. Gives me an extra 5-6 hours a week with my family and after I'm done working out, I prefer a healthy lunch. Some real positives here!
  13. I jump out of the boat and swim, the stronger the current the better bruh. In all seriousness, been swimming like a monster (almost 2 miles this morning), lifting (bro), and eating sensibly. No special diet or any gimmicks. Today (on the diet side) is going to be compete and utter chaos though. GO NINERS!!
  14. I know you've all bookmarked Outlook for this one... Excellent tech recommendation here, for those that run outdoors you should pay attention too: Aftershokz Xtrainerz Amazing bone conduction headphones, they work on vibration so not actually inside your ears, they sit between your temple and the edge of your ear. Sound quality is excellent, but your ears are uncovered, so if you're running outdoors, you can hear your surroundings clearly too. Completely waterproof, feels like it is built well, and very comfortable. I've gone on 5 swims so far on the same charge, it is rated to 8 hou
  15. I think he’s very talented, but he might be cursed. He’s shown he can string together an excellent 3/4 of a season, but this cloud hangs over him. Part of it is certainly bad luck, but he should watch some Wilson tape in the offseason. He avoids danger better than any QB in the game.
  16. Def made the difference, guy knew his route tree this year.
  17. For anyone interested in swimming, I bought a Delphin Hydroactive today. While (imo) swimming is the best cardio activity, swimming laps gets real boring and music is a must. Unfortunately, bluetooth and underwater streaming don't go together, making listening to music while swimming much harder. This device is like a miniature ipod shuffle that I can use my Amazon Music on, download a playlist, and swim (it's a miniature waterproof tablet). As opposed to an MP3 player, I can update the playlists easily with wifi. I'm pretty excited to see if it works as advertised. I'll provide a r
  18. I own Minn & KC - have Denver, Seattle, Atlanta on the waivers. Tough call.
  19. My boss is a big Jets fan. He was excited this morning about the Mosley/Barr news, now with Barr out and an obnoxious contract rumoring for Bell, he’s put his Jets face back on.
  20. I picked up Miami over Denver. Feel like Denver has thrown in the towel this year.
  21. I’ve benched Fournette and am starting Miami, I’m all-in on this one. Maybe Kessler gives us the first half shut out and Bortles relieves to throw some picks in the 2nd half.
  22. I’m going Tenn in one league and I’m leaning Indy in another. ETA: ####, Indy is owned!! Either Cle or Miami
  23. I've talked myself into it. Over/Under is the lowest in the NFL this week at 37 and Titans are giving 10. Implied final score is something like 24-13.
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