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  1. 🤮 Maybe for his next game action, we can run a double reverse and use him as a lead blocker.
  2. Haven't we punted our next two first rounders for Mike's new fullback. Shanny has to go, he's terrible. The play calling was awful and the penalties disastrous. That 4 & 1 with the Kyle sneak? First off, it was almost 4 & 2, very long one. 2nd off, they were already preparing for an up the middle Trey run. Then we bring Kyle there, he didn't fool my 8 year old. The Incredible Hulk couldn't have gotten those 5 feet, everyone knew it was coming. 1 for 5 on 4th down? Here's a thought, roll Trey out and give him the option to throw or run. Maybe we shouldn't let the kid get killed play in and play out, just a thought. I liked what I saw out of Trey, hate how he is being coached, fire Shanny. The wasted timeouts would've been good at the end of the game too. Defense played great, again, even with our awful secondary. ETA: He'll need to learn A) you need to be more accurate in the NFL, can't get away with the same throws as NDSU B) need a little more air around the line with ball or it will get batted down C) take less punishment
  3. This is 100% where I am it too. The kid has confidence, he hasn't lost a game since like 2018. He needs to see the pro game in real time. They should sit him down for a conversation, let him know they're going to give him plenty of rope, and he shouldn't be worried about mistakes as they're going to happen. If he is a stud, the window is his rookie deal, let's use that window and see what he can do.
  4. I will concede this: Oddsmakers had us at 10.5 wins this season, and we started 2-0 which is usually a recipe for getting to the playoffs (>75%). My hopes were sky high up until 37 seconds left in their previous game, amazing how quickly that turned. Sadly, it is now looking like this will be a lost season. I'm giving Trey a lot of rope and I have no issues with seeing some bad football out of him. Let him learn the game, he'll make mistakes. If he is the future, we need to start now.
  5. Oh, and beyond the 5-1, this cheers me up, one of those wins you referenced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSL4XWL7uqo
  6. Honestly, the defense looked good for almost the entire first half, borderline great (even with that mediocre secondary). But I can't fault them for this. When you're getting zero support from the offense, it's difficult to maintain that same intensity. I also came to a conclusion yesterday that the play calling is outright awful. In times when we're averaging 5 ypc, it can mask that, but when that isn't working, it's very transparent. The league figured this read option out during the RG3 days, let's completely toss that please! Outside of the fact that we're going to get the guy we traded our next 2 drafts for killed, this isn't the NCAA. Use his mobility on bootlegs, scrambles, etc... He also needs to learn the game from the pocket. He has the tools, let's try not to screw this up. Now that we have a QB with a legit rocket for an arm, and a game plan usually based off of the run, we need to start taking more deep shots and I hope that's what Trey does. Aiyuk and Deebo are two legit burners, let's use them for more than 7 yard posts and outs. (I'm disregarding Deebo's long TD here bc that was just blown coverage). We need to get them up the field a little more and that'll open Kittle up underneath. Just terrible play calling and hopefully they adjust.
  7. The training wheels need to be taken off Lance. Game plan can’t be to run this read option every play. He isn’t a Tom Rathman hybrid. We mortgaged our future for him so let’s limit the punishment he takes. He’s big, fast, and has a rocket for an arm. Let him go out make mistakes, learn from them, and let’s see if he can shine.
  8. 3-0 would be nice, let’s do this boys! Love to get Trey a little more involved tonight.
  9. This game was won by the defense bending, but not breaking. Deebo was the offensive hero, IMO (but the offense as a whole didn’t look good at all). My mentality is simple; SB or bust. While IDK if Lance is the guy, I know Jimmy is not. Also, the loss of Verrett and what it means to the defense was painstakingly obvious to me today. We were already thin there.
  10. Stand by this, he looked half respectable bc the Lions. He sucks. Norman looks really bad too. Two critical PI calls against in the first half.
  11. I just can’t believe how fragile Mostert is. If the guy could stay healthy, he’s a top tier talent, sucks! Mitchell looked great, Sermon, etc… not a huge area of concern at RB, tbh. Defense def looked out of sync, especially at the end of the game, but they did get the job done with it all on the line, so I’ll look to the positive. When we shut them down on 4th down, and Jimmy fumbled the snap on the next play, I was in shock! He settled down and looked good, but I’ve never been in his camp. We have Trey cheap for the next few years, I think he needs to play, def a conundrum. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I still feel like we have a top tier defense. They dropped the ball a little this week, but the game was mostly in hand by then. After what happened to us in week 2 last year, I’m terrified of this upcoming week.
  12. He actually looked great after fumbling the first snap of the season. Can’t tell if we’re awesome again or if the Lions are just this bad.
  13. 1 snap into the season, I’ve seen enough of Jimmy. Cut him and bring in Lance. Just eat the money for making a bad decision.
  14. ####, I drafted yesterday and named my team The Gus Bus. ETA: Is this my fault?
  15. He's looked very good this preseason. The 49ers are the only team I've watched, but he has looked much better than Deebo and Aiyuk. Neither have looked good, hope it's just rust.
  16. Here are my 5: 1) Raheem Mostert 2) Trent Sherfield 3) Trey Lance 4) Tyler Higbee 5) Zack Moss Who you got?
  17. Also, the first quote that popped up when I came looking for this thread was Conference Call starts in 13 minutes. Memories
  18. @chet in on this? https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/24/large-shareholder-group-calls-for-a-board-overhaul-at-pharma-company-cytodyn.html Got a good chuckle when I read this article. Unloading in the $5 & $6s feels pretty good today. My final 1,000 shares were offloaded at $2.95 probably over a year ago.
  19. Cyberattacks are a major threat and you need to show strength here. The perception is currently weakness. Putin needs a phone call right now letting him know to handle this in his country or face severe repercussions. If Biden doesn’t handle ASAP this will be a humungous Big Red X on his handling of protecting national interests and foreign policy. A message needs to be sent that you don’t #### around or this will be the norm.
  20. The two parents almost got into a fight yesterday. I think Skipdog's advice was best.
  21. Good advice, this was kind of my lean. I think ignoring it could be problematic. This is why I wanted to take him to practice tonight. These are expectations that I feel need to be set.
  22. So you have two dads who almost came to blows yesterday and you're going to put them in your yard like nothing happened? IDK, my intuition says that might not be the smartest, that's why I'm conflicted. The parents of this BJJ kid have a page set up called Z's Sports World. It's just him doing all types of sports #### endlessly dating back to when he was a baby. Honestly, I'll give them credit, it is pretty cool.
  23. Y's dad is calm, cool, and collected. According to my wife, him and this other dad had some serious words (they were speaking in Spanish, so she doesn't know the words, but she said it looked like they were about to fight). I don't want to bring any of that nonsense to my house.
  24. I promised my son if they won a soccer tournament a few weeks back, I'd let him throw a pizza/pool party at our house for the kids on the team. (Quick humble brag on behalf of jr. just to get it out of the way) They won 5 games in 3 days. They were down 3-0 in the first half of the finals and came back to win 4-3, he scored 2 goals. He's been excited for this party ever since. On to the issue: There are 10 kids who played during the tournament. My intention was to invite them all. Anyways, my wife returned from practice yesterday (we were going to send the invites out last night) and says X & Y got into a fight (my son was not involved). X supposedly (I don't know the facts and they might be tough to come by) kicked Y in the back with his cleats after practice and punched him in the face. The dads had words afterwards too, all relayed to me by my wife. Y's dad is the team parent and he's great and very involved, nice guy I like him. X is a bench player, not that good, but comes in and plays his heart out. I'm taking my son to practice tonight to fact find, but I don't really know what I'll be able to determine. My wife also told me she was talking with another parent, and last year before my son was on the team, X supposedly tried to fight another kid on the team too. The kid he tried to fight last year is our goalie, who is a 5'2 120 pound 8 year old who has taken BJJ since he was like 3 (not very smart to go after him, but he did the right thing and walked away). Most of this information was relayed to me, so hopefully I can find out more later. These boys are coming together like a really good team and they're all buddies, I don't want anything to mess that up. I'm going tonight, but IDK what I'm going to say. Do you invite X? Do you then talk to his dad? I'm pretty conflicted here, just want a nice party with the kids and for them to have drama free fun. The easiest way to do that is to not invite the kid, but then thinking about how that would make an 8 year old feel to have everyone else on his team go to a party, but not get invited makes me feel really bad for him. WWYD?
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