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  1. WM is hard to commit to for two nights, but it's world's better than a single 7 hour card
  2. Here's a note for some of you regarding watching Wrestlemania... Unlike the WWE Network, Peacock is not accessible on Amazon Fire or Samsung. That means I will be watching Wrestlemania on my phone 😐
  3. https://fantasy.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2021/en/entry?entryID=39380503
  4. Canelo easily destroyed his Turkish foe this weekend and now on to Saunders. To me, the only question about that is whether Saunders can last the distance. He doesn't have the power to earn Canelo's respect. Caleb Plant is a bit stronger but not as technical and not much of a threat. I thought GGG did very well against Canelo (had him winning both fights) but age plus the added weight would make him a significant underdog. As long as Canelo stays at 168, I consider him practically unbeatable.
  5. I like Blank Space, I couldn't name 3 more of her songs. When I hear her name, I still think of this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPEJGQj4Z50
  6. This is getting ridiculous. Of the teams on that list, only the Saints make any sense. IF this is true, I bet his wife is affecting the possible landing spots. 😵
  7. Star making fight for Valdez. Systematic destruction punctuated by a devastating one punch knockout
  8. How good will this team be at not just acquiring but developing young quarterbacks, whether Hurts or a 2021 pick? Sirianni has typically worked with veteran QBs instead of developing younger ones (Rivers, Luck), which would lead me to believe they may bring in a vet rather than go with Hurts or risk a high pick on an undeveloped QB.
  9. Unsalted almonds >>> salted almonds
  10. Totally agree. Being set in the 1960s added a lot to an already-great story.
  11. Maybe I'm overly optimistic but since we are planning this out in February, I would think we could find a 2 hour window sometime between now and early September that would work for everyone. Especially since this would likely be a one-time-only gathering of the owners, with subsequent rookie drafts done (presumably) by email or otherwise staggered.. Yahoo is pretty universal and the auctions I have done on it have moved fast - just over an hour. To be safe, I would say to plan for two hours. There is also an autodraft function for auctions where someone who absolutely cannot make the
  12. Yahoo offers a free auction in real time, which I would greatly prefer to a days-long auction. Fleaflicker, which is also free, can import the results and then run everything going forward, including rookie drafts, whether real time or email. While I have never commissioned one, I have participated in auctions on Yahoo with no issues.
  13. Thanks for the replies, everyone. It is helping me visualize many possibilities and seeing what may or may not be feasible.
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