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  1. Raiders is probably my favorite but Jaws is the best, and the most landmark
  2. Quoted directly from the Nevada State Athletic Commission website. A timekeeper additionally assists the referee in counting for knockdowns to assure the fighter has the correct amount of time to return to the contest. A timekeeper usually works in tandem with a partner so that there is consistent observation of the contest. One partner is responsible for reading the various clocks and the other observes the contest and verbally calls out time intervals to his or her partner. Working together, the timekeeper provides the officials with all information related to timekeeping and must be able to react to unique and unexpected events that take place during a contest.
  3. They kind of do though. The timekeeper starts counting off a stopwatch and the ref is supposed to pick up his/her count at that exact pace. This ref didn't do that. Like I said previously, I think Fury could have beaten a normal count both times.
  4. I thought the counts on Fury were slow. I also thought Fury could have beat a normal count both times
  5. Fury vs Uzyk would be the ultimate contrast of large unorthodoxy vs smaller epitome of technical skill
  6. Amazing fight. Wilder's heart is beyond reproach. Fury cemented his legendary status.
  7. Nice start for Wilder, even with that late shot.
  8. Everyone has been calling him that this week. Why, I don't know
  9. Good win for Anderson. I will almost always root for fit over flabby. Anderson is the guy who refuted the rumor that he KOed Fury in this training camp BTW. May be something to it
  10. I know Fury has proven appearances are not the do all end all, but is it asking too much for PPV-caliber heavyweights to not have a noticeable layer of fat on their upper bodies?
  11. Looked great early and then faded. Dropped in the 9th on a counter right but survived and got the decision
  12. JRock just got upset on the free FS1 undercard and now Berlanga is being taken into deep waters. Strange goings on so far...
  13. Sell them immediately. There's probably time bombs inside them.
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