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  1. I'll go even further, lettuce on any handheld is inferior to a cabbage/sauerkraut option.
  2. Bang the fight attendant in the bathroom and kill two birds with one stone.
  3. I was raw doggin' during the height of the AIDS epidemic. So there's that.
  4. It's a good opportunity for employees/companies to negotiate; would you rather like to make 150k living in the city or make 100k living outside of it? Where I'm at, there are functions that we decided will be 100% remote going forward regardless of what happens. To @Otis's point, it's been proven it can be done so why pay for the office space/utilities/liability/etc. to get the same results? Personally, I thought this would hurt newer employees getting acclimated but the virtual meeting tools available now, even that's not as big of a deal. The ability to share each other's screen at ease is a game changer instead of standing over someone's shoulder to figure out "what screen they're stuck on" or w/e. There have been some retraining/changing mindset - I've got some senior folks that say things like "we'll need to buy printers for ALL of the employees working at home". Why? What are they printing? ~99% of what we do is signed electronically. The few times someone has to print, we'll figure something out but I'm not buying a printer/scanner/fax for every employee.
  5. I'm avoiding shaking hands but did go down and raw dogged a chick I met in bar last night. So I feel like this:
  6. Well that would be why I never heard of it before Amazon. I honestly don't even know if I have the SYFY channel. I only have YouTubeTV, Netflix and Amazon Prime which includes: CBS, HBO Starz and Showtime - all streaming.
  7. I watched the first three episodes of Picard (new Star Trek). It's rough seeing Picard so old but he pulls it off. So far so good. I'm bias though, I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad so it will always be cool to me. Not sure how it plays to a casual audience. Curious if anyone else is watching - sucks that I had to subscribe to CBS to get it (yes, another streaming service).
  8. Maybe drop "Netflix" from the title and just say streaming shows. As of right now, for me, HBO and Amazon are kicking Netflix's ###
  9. Man I started watching this a few weeks ago and somehow motored through all 4 seasons. It was amazing. I'm seriously considering rewatching all 4 seasons.
  10. What? He was a drunk so much so that he had cirrhosis
  11. Fajardo? I usually stay at the El Conquistador Waldorf property when in PR. Really nice. That's one hell of a drive from the airport though, no way would I want to do that at 1:00 am but it sounds like you're getting there in the morning so it should be all good. There's a little train that goes down to the beach is pretty cool and there's a boat to get to the bigger beach. The morning sun in PR is pretty brutal, put on lots of sunscreen. Have fun bud.
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