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  1. Still time to get in on this? If so PM me the paypal/venmo info.
  2. I'm in my 40s, HGH seems worth trying but about the side effects? Anyone using HGH regularly or done so in a "cycle"? If so, how old are you and did/does it help anything? I work out but prefer to be more lean and mean instead of bulking up.
  3. I didn't come back to watch you tap out.  Get in NRJ's Cougar thread asap.  TIA.

  4. I think 1500 a day for a 220 man isn't sustainable; you'll lose weight but almost guaranteed to put it back on. No way this is 950 calories. The 5 eggs and 5 turkey bacon alone should put you around 1,000
  5. This would be me betting that you simply can't lose 40lbs. I have no way of knowing what your diet is and how much you're actually exercising. A person could lose weight on a chicken finger diet if they're also running 5 miles every day. Also, I doubt any person could eat the same food for so long; I'd puke at the smell of potatoes if that's all I ate for a month+. That's been my point since I started posting in this thread, the diet means nothing without exercise.
  6. So when will you admit that you have a drinking problem and not a food problem?
  7. I guess that's my point, if a person is not committed to changing what they eat permanently - why bother?
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