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  1. That’s correct lol. Brought the ahl staff that was getting ready for their exhibition game up to coach and then the ahl staff for the exhibition games was a mash unit of different kind of coaches hahaha. Vegas has had four straight days of negative test so they should be practicing tomorrow.
  2. I was thinking along the lines Army/Navy/Air Force. if we going recency bias too, no way arizona is above Indiana. I know you have a 23 season sample size but there should be some more weight towards the last five or so seasons. Especially from what would be relegation/promotion the next season, going from a 23 year sample size to just one seems crazy.
  3. If teams can schedule fcs teams, I don’t see how a couple teams wouldn’t be able to schedule teams that aren’t top 64. Maybe have a two game maximum where you can schedule a team that’s not top 64 so rivalries can still exist.
  4. Is there any players anyone is trying to buy up and invest in?
  5. Guess Indiana needed more quality losses to get ranked higher. What an absolute bleeping joke.
  6. Do you still have these. Could possibly be interested or might know someone!
  7. Make sure he puts a stamp on that envelope. Please report back if he does not so I can take the correct steps to report the mail fraud. Tia
  8. I got a sneak peak of the Vegas one about a month ago and have known about the jerseys for since around March or April. I think they’re awesome. They pay homage to the Las Vegas Thunder with the color scheme and the secondary logo hit as the main logo hit on the jersey is awesome. A lot of fans here think they’re better than the gold jersey, but I think it’s yet to be seen. It’ll be amazing to see both jerseys on the ice!
  9. Throw a rock through his window with a note on it. Say you meant to just throw it on the porch but it accidentally went through the window. I’m sure he’ll be the most understanding person ever.
  10. I do not wish upon anyone that they have to play on the same line as eakin.
  11. For sure. Grats again on finding product and hitting big! Super jealous!!
  12. Mosaics have been grading pretty rough. Only one that was graded (from BGS) came back a 9.5 and sold for $725. Raw ones are selling for $600+. You’d be paying like $100 for ten day grading and it’s not really going to pay off unless it’s a 10. I’d put it up raw on eBay if you sell it and list it for $750 and probably take an offer of $675 min.
  13. That’s sick man. It’s so hard getting any autos in blasters let alone a burrow. That’s close to a $1k haul for everything there. Probably more like $1200ish
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