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  1. Completely disagree. A woman’s right does not trump that of another’s life. And we’ve reached the crux of this debate = a woman’s right to choose vs the right to life of the unborn. Even as I type that, it’s unfathomable to me how one can take the pro-choice stance, but here we are.
  2. Honestly don’t know as I personally don’t slam them and don’t associate myself with one camp or mindset regarding PP. I am uninformed about them and can’t provide any worthwhile analysis here.
  3. I am pro-life and and agree with everything you wrote.
  4. Good question, but it first begins (to me anyway) that we determine if it is murder or not (I believe it to be). The other item you mentioned (what do we do to ensure the child is cared for) is valid, but doesn't take away from my belief that it is murder, and therefore, doesn't factor into the picture into determining the value of the life. If the life has value, it has value, regardless.
  5. Has nothing to do with religion for me. I believe a separate, human life begins at conception - not really a belief, but it's a fact. I believe that life is valued and protected and to take that life is essentially killing/murder. It's not biblical at all and doesn't need to be. ETA - I am a moderate and voted for Biden. I didn't vote for Trump in either election - can't stand him. But I fully support abortion bans. There are more moderates that feel this way than you think there are. This is not just a right/left issue.
  6. Think of the good and bad actions/behaviors/mindsets that employees and the company exhibits. To me, that is culture. Listing the specific stuff first will help you identify the larger categories that those could be grouped in. When we started the process to capture our team culture and values, it started with identifying those items first.
  7. She's coocoo for Cocoa Puffs and if she were teaching my children, I would remove them from her class. Just goes to show yet again that you can be book smart, but lack common sense.
  8. I watched the first 20 minutes and turned it off. It was terrible
  9. His masks are cool as have fun characters and things on them. He also likes to be prepared for school and daycare - dressed, backpack, mask on. My 6 year old has more common sense than most adults. Judging what kids like is not normal behavior. I would say that every child on this earth exhibits some form of what someone else would consider not normal behavior.
  10. Have I conducted a survey on children? No. What i do have is the evidence with my own children(9,6) and those at their school and our church. My kids have never complained about wearing a mask. Often I needed to tell them that they can take it off when they get home. During trips to daycare this summer, my 6 year old would put it on before we left the house because he liked to wear it. Most of the people in an uproar about kids wearing masks are coming from the adults that don’t want to wear them.
  11. Your statements aren’t opposite though. You can believe both. Try harder.
  12. Yeah, I figured you were a conspiracy theorist. Thanks for confirming so I could put you on ignore
  13. Sure. Google the earth is flat, the moon landing was a hoax, and chemtrails and you will get results too.
  14. I set my out of office and indicate I won’t be accessing email. I then delete the app off my phone prior to vacation and reinstall when I get back. Anyone that had a critical need, I tell them to call me.
  15. God-forbid if/when a new variant seriously affects our young, but I believe that is the only time in which opinions on vaccines will shift heavily towards the pro-vaccine mindset. I believe because this isn't currently harming our young, it isn't treated as serious as it should be. I hope that time never comes, but if it does, I expect to see a huge shift toward getting vaccines.
  16. I think we can avoid this type of thought in this discussion please. Having an opinion either way about this doesn't put you in the box that you are trying to imply.
  17. It’s not new. That’s why this thread exists. I’ve been having it since the new board. Welcome to the club!
  18. Really? I’ve heard that always about flu shots. Even if you get the flu, it lessens the symptoms. I’ve heard that for years.
  19. Ours is doing the same, and at first I thought it was a good decision. However, now I’m not sure. What about the kids whose parents want them to wear a mask? Is the teacher supposed to police their desires? Does a teacher need a list of which kids are mask and no mask? “Johnny, your mom said you need your mask. Put it on!” If you are one of the only kids whose parents requires you to wear a mask, you will be different. There will be a mask and no mask dynamic. Being a kid is hard enough when you are trying to fit in and not have something that separates you from others. I fear the mask kids will be singled out.
  20. https://i.imgur.com/4ckL3HJ.png iOS 14.6 safari browser iPhone 11
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