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  1. Goldberg played for the last Cards team to win an NFL championship, and the only other player to wear 99 was Bob "The Bomber" Nussbaumer who had 12 picks (!) plus 2 fumble recoveries in 12 games in 1950 (and then never played again).
  2. - I really appreciate this from a professional player, just honor the legacy and the team did as well by reaching out to the family. I'll be pulling for Watt this year, a first class great.
  3. Way too much assumpin' makin' goin' on from a distance. Hill has a nice arm but it wasn't used much, it's used when he is the RB3/QB2, then it comes in handy. There was a lot of wasted space especially with Kamara when Hill played as well. I think the point of Hill was to see if he could be a legit NFL backup and I think he passed that test. He did not pass the starter test. We'll see Winston start next year and the fact that the deep ball will be back could reinvorgate the offense. With Brees and Hill the Saints were still 5th in points scored.
  4. My condolences to the family of Tom, MoCS, and a note of and appreciation to the members of FBGs who post here. Tom, whose real name I never knew, posted kindly to me several times, in DM's, in @'s, and in replies. He was a kindly, good, smart, old soul, with a wide and deep perspective. It is a wonderful thing to be able to be reached out to by and know such a person through this strange technology. I sensed a goodness and decency from and through him, and I feel I profited from it personally. He did this of his own accord and I am thankful. I think at our best we can do this here
  5. I’ve never understood the magic that made Haskins a 1st round draft pick. I’d have to think Allen coming in is a possibility.
  6. Really intrigued by the Washington Team of Football DST. I believe in Rivera to build a good defense.
  7. How about Gates and the inaugural committee violations, can we count that as part of the administration?
  8. I'm happy to talk about this (I'm genuinely interested) but I think you can come off pretending not to understand the indictments vs charges/counts issue now. That's been made really clear.
  9. The 215 charges number (through early 2019) is real. Do you want to go through the connections to the administration? I'm interested myself. Also I'd consider inaugural committee and transition part of the "administration."
  10. One campaign manager, one campaign consultant who was Trump's mentor and the original de facto campaign manager, the campaign treasurer and deputy campaign manager, the personal attorney, the National Security Advisor who was also campaign foreign policy director. That's very connected.
  11. Fwiw I believe in early 2019 the tally was 215 charges, or counts. I think that's what he was referring to. There have been more since, I believe.
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