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  1. Hey Bobby - in retrospect it had to be done. The players themselves live here & they had to get their lives together. In fact like all of us that is now ongoing as well and I don’t think the Saints will be back here until all of the players & their families are back here or firmly situated. - Lousy situation for the team, I hope it doesn’t wreck a promising season.
  2. I did the first thing, I think the concatenation is something I need to revisit. I've done it before but it's been a while. I appreciate the reply. -SID
  3. Hola! Yes indeed, hope you & yours are well, I'm good. I wrote this while at the Saints game hoping there might be some advice when I landed back at my desk. Ok: 4 columns of info, A-D. Pretty simple. I've received two worksheets. One version of this worksheet started 3 weeks ago and it's cumulative. So say it analyzed numbered items out of a group of 1000. Say that first sheet analyzed 250 rows of data 3 weeks ago. - But now, 3 weeks later, I've received an update, and it has say 480 total pieces reviewed. Some of the original 250 is in that 480, but it's not indicated which are new, and I'm wondering if XL can simply identify which ones (230) are new. I can do this manually by (eta: sorting by col. A) highlighting the 480 from the 2nd set, drop in the rows from the 1st sheet, and any time there's a new entry it won't have a matching non-highlighted row. So I am grinding through this data using this manual self-coded system, deleting the matches and highlighting in a different color the new ones. So, basically, is there a tool or button I can employ to do this automatically without doing this drill? Sorry, don't mean to cause any homework for anyone. Winston played great tonight and feeling fine in the A/C. - Any advice is appreciated. - Thanks.
  4. Hi ExcelGuys - quick question for some work I have to do tonight… Is there an easy way to run a tool or a formula to see differences in two lists? So say Project 1 was done 4 weeks ago and Project 3 was run two days ago and they use the same fields in columns A-D. Is there a way I can tell the new entries just by running a certain formula, tool, button or option? I’ve started this manually (I’ll grind through it) but there must be an easier way. THANKS as always.
  5. I have been to Port many times in my life, but I'd bed a c-note never more than a couple times before midnight. I have not been to Judice Inn, though I've had plenty good experiences in Lafayette I think every time I've wanted Cajun and seafood, not a burger. IMO for a late night, regular joint burger Beachcorner on Canal is the place. I know Camelia would make a lot of lists. I'd add GB's and Company Burger in the bar/diner category. Right now I think a lot of Orleanians would tell you Cowbell has the best burger, but Blue Oak is good, and so are some of the newfangled places that have popped up - Petite Grocery is pretty damned good, but it's a restaurant. So is Luke in the CBD. There's also Bub's on Banks I hear, not far from Finn's, but I still haven't tried it.
  6. So, I grew up in a large family and was blessed with a wide variety of music to wade through. There were original Beatles albums, Revolver, MMT, Rubber Soul especially, but there were also compilations. Primarily the Red & Blue, but also Rock ‘n Roll Music. - I liked RNRM because it offered something I really craved, those early rockabilly & roots blues-rock which absolutely drove me crazy. For that reason RNRM always won out for me. Yes MMT, RS, others drove my development but this connection to the early stuff in a strange way led to a good deal of my late teens and my 20s-30s in NO & Austin bars and clubs listening to live music and just having a damned good time. My thanks will always go to the boys for this.
  7. DJ should’ve played Hall & Oates ‘I can’t go for that’ before the Packers’ pick.
  8. Absolutely. Every Sunday since 2006 has been a day you knew you’d see truly great QB play and now we might be facing 10 years in the QB desert. And there happen to be 4-6 genuine QB starters in this draft.
  9. Damnit son, throw a bottle, hit a Saints fan. Always glad to talk. I have a sneaking suspicion the rumors of the Saints trying to seek moving into the top 10 is about Surtain not a QB, but it likely won’t happen anyway.
  10. This is smart, for everyone, including Teddy.
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