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  1. So, I grew up in a large family and was blessed with a wide variety of music to wade through. There were original Beatles albums, Revolver, MMT, Rubber Soul especially, but there were also compilations. Primarily the Red & Blue, but also Rock ‘n Roll Music. - I liked RNRM because it offered something I really craved, those early rockabilly & roots blues-rock which absolutely drove me crazy. For that reason RNRM always won out for me. Yes MMT, RS, others drove my development but this connection to the early stuff in a strange way led to a good deal of my late teens and my 20s-30s in NO
  2. DJ should’ve played Hall & Oates ‘I can’t go for that’ before the Packers’ pick.
  3. Absolutely. Every Sunday since 2006 has been a day you knew you’d see truly great QB play and now we might be facing 10 years in the QB desert. And there happen to be 4-6 genuine QB starters in this draft.
  4. Damnit son, throw a bottle, hit a Saints fan. Always glad to talk. I have a sneaking suspicion the rumors of the Saints trying to seek moving into the top 10 is about Surtain not a QB, but it likely won’t happen anyway.
  5. This was a falcs problem, not a Julio problem. He should’ve played in Cleveland.
  6. It’d be awesome if Fontenot joins the falcs just so he will trade Julio.
  7. You're a good man, Rusty, God Bless, happy to hear the great news. We all need to take our time to love and enjoy the people and things in our life. - SID :::CHEERS:::
  8. Eh, alright, I do have 250,000 rows of data. basically I am trying to avoid doing what I need to do linearly or manually. That is I do not want to squint at each row of data one by one to carefully examine it, I'd like to eliminates the invoices (sales) which I do not need to see, which would save me a lot of trouble, mistakes and eye strain. To answer your question - of the three: Yes. No. Ha, thanks, man, it's me, I'm the difficult one, I've failed at explaining (and I really really appreciate you help). - Ok I will try to summary this better - without revealing what I
  9. Thanks, yes I agree - sorry - I originally fired this off in the hopes of pushing forward. Sorry for the confusion or inconvenience.
  10. I'm sorry, AAA, truly. Lately I've just been feeling empathy and sorrow so often, lost someone I knew from high school, a girl I used to date, my Mother, my last Uncle. Just nothing but appreciation for the good people in the world around me. Treasure them when you see them and encounter them. My prayers for bcdjr1, he sounds like a good man - Take care. - SID.
  11. Thanks. Well the problem is say imagine 250,000 rows of invoices. So say a company sells multiple product lines - widget1, widget2, widget3, widget4, widget5, etc. So a given invoice may be: Invoice No. Product Date 5900623 Widget3 5/9/2008 5900623 Widget2 5/9/2008 5900623 Widget8 5/9/2008 (etc.) And then imagine thousands upon thousands of invoices, so it's basically impossible to just "know" the invoices you want. You just want to pull all products involved with any given invoice that has at least one sale of Wid
  12. DREW: THANK YOU. S/, a kid, an adult, New Orleans, Louisiana, the Gulf South, All Saints Everywhere.
  13. Hello awesome FBG community - what is the going consensus here if offered a pick of any of the three vaccines - J&J, Moderna or Pfizer? Which are people picking? TIA. +++++++ This is the note from my HCP: "Johnson & Johnson (single dose), Moderna (two doses 28 days apart), Pfizer (two doses 21 days apart)."
  14. I know this is going to sound kind of silly (it’s sorta the ‘it goes to 11’ of weight loss)... but last year just as this covid business started I pulled out a scale I bought a while ago but which I never used. Being at home a lot and basically rummaging through everything I unpacked it and got rid of my old scale - well the main feature is it measures in stone. Yes Stone, as in the medieval measure of weight, and it measures in multiple decimals (two to be exact). So for instance it might say 17.10.6 Stone, etc. (not my weight, just an example) - well anyhow tracking this way has helped me od
  15. Hi all much respect and appreciation for your past help. I have a new question: Is there a way to filter for all rows associated with a given entry? For instance if A is invoice no, B is customer and C is product (and then B & C may vary as the invoice no. In A stays the same for multiple rows)... .... is there a way that I can pull in all entries for that given invoice no. in A?
  16. Goldberg played for the last Cards team to win an NFL championship, and the only other player to wear 99 was Bob "The Bomber" Nussbaumer who had 12 picks (!) plus 2 fumble recoveries in 12 games in 1950 (and then never played again).
  17. - I really appreciate this from a professional player, just honor the legacy and the team did as well by reaching out to the family. I'll be pulling for Watt this year, a first class great.
  18. Way too much assumpin' makin' goin' on from a distance. Hill has a nice arm but it wasn't used much, it's used when he is the RB3/QB2, then it comes in handy. There was a lot of wasted space especially with Kamara when Hill played as well. I think the point of Hill was to see if he could be a legit NFL backup and I think he passed that test. He did not pass the starter test. We'll see Winston start next year and the fact that the deep ball will be back could reinvorgate the offense. With Brees and Hill the Saints were still 5th in points scored.
  19. My condolences to the family of Tom, MoCS, and a note of and appreciation to the members of FBGs who post here. Tom, whose real name I never knew, posted kindly to me several times, in DM's, in @'s, and in replies. He was a kindly, good, smart, old soul, with a wide and deep perspective. It is a wonderful thing to be able to be reached out to by and know such a person through this strange technology. I sensed a goodness and decency from and through him, and I feel I profited from it personally. He did this of his own accord and I am thankful. I think at our best we can do this here
  20. Stephanie Wolkoff releases tape of Melania stating ‘give me a <expletive> break’ in response to question about incarcerated immigrant children.
  21. Probably worth remembering that Boris Johnson ended up in ICU. Of course the president could be fine in a couple weeks. But really anything can happen.
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