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  1. I know, I can't even believe that. How does that get made??? But, you got the wrong one, kinda, there's a worse version. It's the one where they do a close-up shot of his tongue (singing) to end the commercial. I looked briefly, here's a video of a video of it. Someone put up a youtube video of a youttube video?Brace for singularity.
  2. 18 stars and a blurry mary.

  3. "A rising tide lifts all boats." A special "give it a rest" to Christopher Harris of ESPN for running this into the ground.
  4. 99% of the public using the word "ironic" or "irony." Save yourself the embarrassment, folks.
  5. For those that don't dabble in this sort of thing, papers published in academic journals are almost never retracted. You have to really screw up to have one erased from existence like this.
  6. And she's on the verge of a mental breakdown.
  7. Disingenous suggests she knows she's lying. My impression is that she is simply misguided, and responding emotionally to her own situation. Do you have reason to believe there is something else going on?Take one look at the sales pitches throughout her website and decide for yourself whether they may be something else going on.Continually railing on what they call poor studies and big pharma when the champions of GR are widely panned for their poor science and conflicts of interest. Changing the debate from one component within a vaccination to another whenever it suits their purpose. First it's the MMR itself, then it's thimerosal, then it's the number of vaccinations, then it's some unnamed and unknown general toxicity. GR's level of involvement in the case of the cheerleader with "dystonia," in which they directed the "injured patient" to one of their sham chelation specialists to promote their own agendas. Those are just a few of the issues over time that call into question the motives of their group. I think all of the above suggest that she's being more than emotional and misguided. I'm sure she's magically cured by now, but has anyone confirmed this? I'd think the JennyMac camp would be ready to put her out on display.She was "cured" almost immediately after the chelation infusion started. They definitely used her case to promote their stance, both before and after the "cure."I posted a few links to videos and reaction from those following the story closely at the end of the thread we had discussing that case. Unbelievable. Actually, no. Entirely believable.
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