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  1. [–]SoL4vish 1960 points 12 hours ago* 

    I found my buddies fiancee in a babysitter porno... I've never told him, and I never will... Every now and then I see her, and I want to ask when she got that tattoo on her ###. Is that too obvious?

    Edit - Seems like the majority believes I should tell him, I've never been good with awkward situations. Hold my beer.

    Edit 2 - She is by no means a "porn star". It was a bangbros video, so pretty much a chick they gave money.


    [–]xnifex 2998 points 11 hours ago 

    Just play never have I ever at a party. "Never have I ever been in a babysitter porno"


    [–]Mathgeek007 1782 points 11 hours ago 

    Then if she doesn't put a finger down, you give her the stink eye. "Now, Becky..."


    [–]GeneralMalaiseRB 2453 points 10 hours ago 

    "Anyone whose spread butthole I haven't seen take one step back-- Not so fast Becky."

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