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  1. I went to a Catholic HS. In my Jr year Theology class the teacher would make us take turns giving a “devotion” at the beginning of class. You were supposed to find a passage or quote about Jebus and read it to the class. We had to do it like once a month. And you would lose points if you didn’t do it or did it half assed. I ALWAYS forgot when it was my turn. One day I walked into class and saw that it was my turn. I started to panic but then has a brainstorm. I told the teacher I forgot my “devotion” in my locker and ran out to get it. I came back with my “War” cassette a
  2. They should have the cheerleaders be the ones to wipe down the keys at Little Caeser’s Arena. So hot.
  3. I have a buddy that grew up in Bishop. His grandparents owned the hardware store there.
  4. How did the Mexican guy cut his small pizza. Little Caesars
  5. Drunk enough to hit on Sarah Sanders 3 hours before last call.
  6. Cherry Cabinets was the name of the first girl to give me a handjob. It happened behind the Wood Shop classroom.
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