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  1. So offensive to the 25 innocent people that were killed in 1690s Salem.
  2. Oh, so you’re just assuming to know what’s in that report. Ok.
  3. “He has concluded that McCabe has committed crimes of lying.” Do those two sentences say the same thing?
  4. Somehow that’s not part of the CA history and social science standards.
  5. My wife loves to tell the story about asking her mom if she could go see The Blue Lagoon. My wife was about 10 at the time. Her mom said no, of course, since the content was fairly mature. Wife wasn’t happy. The next day wife’s stepdad takes her younger brother to the movies. Brother was like 8. They come home and wife and her mom found out they saw The Blue Lagoon. Both of them “What the hell?” Stepdad shrugs “I thought it was about dolphins and ####”.
  6. 1. I do make a pretty mean patty melt 2. Last time I checked. 3. What are the two agencies?
  7. None of us know what the IG’s report says. Oh and what are the two agencies that recommended his firing? The OPR and ?
  8. Toby. Toby? Toby? Toby Wong. Toby Wong? Toby Wong. Toby Chung? ****ing Charlie Chan.
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