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  1. Looking for a read of the room here. Do you expect Ertz's fantasy production to rise or fall from what we've seen from him in Philly so far this year? He has escaped a limiting timeshare only to arrive at a destination that has many other mouths to feed and underutilizes the TE. More upside or downside gong forward?
  2. Not to hijack the discussion about medical crystal balling, but does anyone know when NFL teams assign a player to IR in cases where the injury occurs before camp? My leagues do not allow placing a player on IR until MFL displays him on IR, so I'm sitting (along with all you other disheartened owners) on Akers as a roster clogger, until such time as all this happens. I don't remember, or haven't paid attention, to a season ending injury for a skill position player before camp starts in the past. Anyone know what sort of timeline we might expect on the IR designation?
  3. just received an offer of a 2nd next year, probably late, will sleep on it but unlikely to accept
  4. Sure, but where in the draft? They only have one pick at the top of each round until 2 comps at the end of Round 5. How high a priority can an additional RB be in their grand scheme?
  5. Been at this game a long time, but I don't remember one worse: I was offered Adam Humphries and a 2021 2nd for Hopkins. Scored out at 2966-183 on the dynasty trade calculator I use. Some people weren't meant to play this game . . .
  6. Anyone have access to how Vegas is setting lines differently? I would think they've given this a lot of thought and research . . .
  7. This kool-aid has been in my refrigerator a long time now. Think I'll pour myself a glass . . .
  8. You gotta be happy . . . even if it is chalky.
  9. I'd take Akers but I hoard RB's (took him at 1.06 in 2 drafts). Honestly, if you take Lamb ar 1.05 and 1.06 takes Akers, are you happy pairing Jeudy with Lamb for the next 10 years - I'd guess yes. So for me it comes down to how scarce RB's are in your league and whether you have any confidence in picking the right one at 1.08. Then again, in one of my drafts, Ruggs went at 1.04 - something unpredictable like that could happen and you might have two RB's to choose from at 1.05. I also think your question about value at this time next year begs the other question of shelf life - you take those two WR's and, if as advertised, become the backbone of your WR corps long beyond Akers value days . . .
  10. Give me Lamb over Jeudy here . . . clearer path to WR1 in a couple years . . . Lamb Jeudy Reagor - 1st year impact Ruggs - won't be taking this guy unless he falls a long way, but could be #1 target in LV Jefferson - if he gets 2/3 of Diggs in 1st year don't be surprised. Aiyuk - love his upside Pittman - what are we to make of Paris Campbell? Higgins - lady in waiting until Green departs?? Shanault - health is the only thing that will keep him from significance, but it's a large risk Mims - not sure what to make of this one - some question his hands Edwards - loved him predraft, but landing spot suggests limited opportunities
  11. Not to belabor the discussion, but we're talking two guys who will be lucky to see the field on Sunday (Smith may not even hold down the Saint's WR3 spot) vs. the #5 QB in this league on an average points per game played basis. I too looked at the DTC, but I believe the eye test serves me better here.
  12. Just took over an orphaned team in an 8 year old dynasty. My first day in the system was offered J. Brissett and Tre'Quan Smith for Drew Brees. Oof!
  13. See Colts at 25-1, tied with Pitt and LAC for 12th on the list . . . there's a glimmer there.
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