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  1. Where does Tony Jones fit in now that Murray has been released? Is in the Pollard/Dillion/Maddison group?
  2. Everyone making waiver claims; who are you willing to drop? Trying to see how high everyone is in him.
  3. Might not mean much but Hicks/Collins were the two linebackers in the nickel with Simmons off the field.
  4. How is everyone valuing him in Dynasty? Is a mid 2nd Round rookie pick fair or is it better to hold?
  5. Prosecutors are saying he may have this case dropped. Is he worth the hassle in a dynasty league?
  6. Same thing happened when Malcom Brown picked the ball off at the goal line. Gave Brady an MVP right there.
  7. It was bad enough when the split was with Moss. Now I see a split with Yeldon all game. Very bad for dynasty.
  8. This is starting to remind of the 2009 Ravens @ Patriots Divisional Game. Ravens got up big and forced a lot of Brady turnovers.
  9. Waiting on any confirmation about Gesicki but will pivot to Cook if need be.
  10. I am hoping they let it rip with Tua and it benefits Parker & Gesicki.
  11. Playing the 49ers vs WFT. Sitting the Ravens vs the Browns.
  12. Anyone else sitting the Ravens for other options like the 49ers, WFT, Panthers, Cardinals etc. Ravens haven’t been the same lately.
  13. Does Tua starting have a negative impact on the Dolphins Defense? Not sure if there is anything to read into here.
  14. They have thrown a few to Claypool in that same spot and have ran run plays for TDs twice for Claypool on the 2 yard line.
  15. Play calling was awful in that game. Several up the gut runs with Ekeler on 4th and 2 and then that final drive was bizarre with the play calling, clock management with no timeouts.
  16. This is part of the risk you take when playing IDP. I remember the Rams home stat crew being so stingy that Laurinatis had 3-4 total assist tackles all season in his home games while London Fletcher was getting 6-8 assists per week with his home stat crew.
  17. Anyone else crazy enough to use Philly? Wilson has been sacked 33 times this season and has thrown 10 INTs. Seattle will score their points but this could be a solid matchup.
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