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  1. He's available in 3 of my leagues and I'll be picking him up in 1 of them. 4th league I already have him. Hoping he's a lock for my flex position going forward.
  2. Which 3 players would you keep out of these 5 options? PPR scoring. 10 team league. 18 round draft. Starting roster includes 1 QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / 2 FLEX. QB Prescott - I'd give up my 14th round draft pick QB Jackson - I'd give up my 6th round draft pick WR McLaurin - I'd give up my 10th round draft pick WR Gallup - I'd give up my 15th round draft pick RB Mostert - I'd give up my 10th round draft pick
  3. Guys, is David Johnson healthy? Didn't get a chance to see the game. I see he got nice yardage today but Yahoo has a Questionable tag on him.
  4. NOTE: I'm dumb and just had to refresh and the online version shows the completed draft from earlier today. The other two issues I still don't know why the Yahoo Keepers (huge pain) and PPR scoring setting (minor - easy adjustment) wouldn't sync. Really is such a great tool all around, thanks FBGuys.
  5. note to self: using the online version today was a mistake. I don't know why I had problems but I had these problems today: - It would not sync Keepers from Yahoo so I had to manually enter them. - It would not sync PPR scoring setting from Yahoo so I had to manually adjust it. - I completed entry of our league's entire 18 round draft earlier today and now when going back to the online draft dominator it says Round 6, pick 8 is on the clock. The picks stopped savings at that point I guess. I was online at the time earlier today when we had the draft so I don't know why they weren't saved. Strange. Anyway I have loved the downloadable PC software version of Draft Dominator for years and will switch back to that if it's still available.
  6. Draft Dominator w/ Yahoo league - not importing 1 point per reception for scoring - not importing Keepers what a pain
  7. It is a long shot but I think his ceiling is Edge James, I think his floor is a poor man's Forte but better around the goal line 1200 total yards, 6 to 8 total touchdowns. Assuming he wins the starting job. His floor is 1200 total yards? wow Bell could be a total flop, average 3.6 YPC, making the position a RBBC. That's his floor. Everyone should be honest about Bell. I liked Bell, but had him rated as my 12th rookie going into the draft. Nobody else was super high on the kid. Now he lands with Pittsburgh in the 2nd round and he's a Edgerrin James/Matt Forte. On tape, Bell is mostly a plodder. Sometimes he flashes being athletic, but he's not very fast and he's not entering a great situation. Told you guys This is a sarcastic response right?
  8. I thought it was strange Britt was not drafted in EITHER of my 10-team leagues (16 rounds and 18 rounds). But yet we drafted these guys: Patterson, Cordarrelle MIN WR ® Heyward-Bey, Darrius IND WR Little, Greg CLE WR Woods, Robert BUF WR ® Patton, Quinton SFO WR ® Based on this, I fully expect Britt to blow up and start off the season like he did in 2011.
  9. Thanks for the post, Faust. Good read.
  10. my exact situation. they both play in the late afternoon so i am hoping we hear something closer to gametime. do you think we know the starter an hour or so before the game?Are you hoping that SI might release a report saying who the starter is, or that a SF player might come out and just tell us who'll be starting? Because... um... Both of those things already happened. What more would you need in order to believe Kaep is the starter?So Harbaugh is just screwing with us? The Head Coach said he hasn't named a starter.
  11. well, CRAP. I guess I'm rolling with Rivers then, and Kaep will sit the bench, since I have no clue if he's playing. Thanks Harbaugh.
  12. Has anyone mentioned how terrible this guy is?
  13. This guy is going to ruin my playoff chances
  14. Busted out already. Next year I will put more effort into it. Matt Ryan & Jake Locker combo backfired this week. Matt Forte on bye. K and DEF sucked. = BUSTED OUT
  15. Haven't been able to watch any Colts games. Saw Hilton tear it up in college at FIU. Trying to make some roster room to pick him up. 17 targets over the past 2 games, 7 rec, 150 yds, 1 td. Any comments from guys who have watched the Colts?
  16. Meaningless week and I can't change my roster. Not sure how my guys did. I'll tune in next week.
  17. Analysis: I just picked a bunch of guys that equaled 250 bucks and made sure I had no bye week problems. Then I changed it around about 30 times. QB - Matt Ryan - ATL/7 - $19 QB - Jake Locker - TEN/11 - $9 RB - Matt Forte - CHI/6 - $27 RB - Chris Johnson - TEN/11 - $27 RB - DeMarco Murray - DAL/5 - $24 RB - Reggie Bush - MIA/7 - $20 RB - Taiwan Jones - OAK/5 - $2 WR - Julio Jones - ATL/7 - $23 WR - Antonio Brown - PIT/4 - $17 WR - Torrey Smith - BAL/8 - $16 WR - Titus Young - DET/5 - $10 WR - Kendall Wright - TEN/11 - $6 TE - Jimmy Graham - NO/6 - $29 TE - Anthony Fasano - MIA/7 - $6 PK - Robbie Gould - CHI/6 - $3 PK - Matt Prater - DEN/7 - $3 TD - San Francisco 49ers - SF/9 - $6 TD - Cincinnati Bengals - CIN/8 - $3
  18. I changed that garbage to even better garbage. QB - Eli Manning - NYG/11 - $21QB - Matt Ryan - ATL/7 - $19RB - Chris Johnson - TEN/11 - $27RB - DeMarco Murray - DAL/5 - $24RB - Reggie Bush - MIA/7 - $20RB - C.J. Spiller - BUF/8 - $15RB - Robert Turbin - SEA/11 - $6RB - Taiwan Jones - OAK/5 - $2WR - Antonio Brown - PIT/4 - $17WR - Eric Decker - DEN/7 - $17WR - Torrey Smith - BAL/8 - $16WR - Titus Young - DET/5 - $10WR - Kendall Wright - TEN/11 - $6TE - Jimmy Graham - NO/6 - $29TE - Anthony Fasano - MIA/7 - $6PK - Robbie Gould - CHI/6 - $3PK - Matt Prater - DEN/7 - $3TD - San Francisco 49ers - SF/9 - $6TD - Cincinnati Bengals - CIN/8 - $3Total value: 250
  19. After at least 30 changes I'm done and I still don't like my RB or WR. Started out with 25+ total players and slowly keep leaning towards fewer players, more studs. Last year I had a bunch of low priced players that didn't pan out and I didn't have a backup QB (McNabb)... so that has something to do with my strategy change this year. Hoping to do better than last year's Week 11 bust. QB - Eli Manning - NYG/11 - $21 QB - Matt Ryan - ATL/7 - $19 RB - Chris Johnson - TEN/11 - $27 RB - Jamaal Charles - KC/7 - $24 RB - Stevan Ridley - NE/9 - $16 RB - Kendall Hunter - SF/9 - $6 RB - Robert Turbin - SEA/11 - $6 RB - Taiwan Jones - OAK/5 - $2 WR - A.J. Green - CIN/8 - $22 WR - Greg Jennings - GB/10 - $21 WR - Percy Harvin - MIN/11 - $20 WR - Kendall Wright - TEN/11 - $6 TE - Jimmy Graham - NO/6 - $29 TE - Brandon Pettigrew - DET/5 - $15 PK - Matt Bryant - ATL/7 - $4 PK - Robbie Gould - CHI/6 - $3 TD - Buffalo Bills - BUF/8 - $5 TD - New York Jets - NYJ/9 - $4 Total value: 250
  20. Went from 28 players to 20 back to 25 now at 21. This kind of insanity is normal for the last hour of submitting for this contest - right?
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