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  1. Great to see you last weekend. Thanks for the sausage and gravy. My friends really like you, but I haven't told them the truth yet.

  2. This is the end of the line for us pal. Coming over to pick up my stuff this weekend.

  3. Mattress police might be en route....

    Just sayin...

  4. ---> your ### here <---

  5. I'll stick around to see your flop.

  6. How did the back waxing go?

  7. tinyurl.SUCKIT.com

  8. You've gone too far this time.

  9. Noze hair cheque

  10. How are you even at two stars???? -1 in my book.

  11. Who is busting out the breakbeats?

  12. You are my favorite shark.

  13. Thank you for the stars. I feel welcome here.

  14. I just joined the site and someone said I should contact you. Please tell me what to do.

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