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  1. in my favorite league --- no waiver wire 35 man rosters ..... draft day is awesome (and with sooooo much information out year round, makes it surprisingly easy)
  2. when I got him for Thielen and H Henry I thought I got a deal. ..... then off for London game - then bye - and now he seems out of sorts
  3. NFL & ATL keeping this close to the vest ..... Covid Related ???? (they/ he lied about being vaccinated? or he had concerns about Covid with travel? = hot topic NFL likes to sweep under the rug and continue business as usual) Just hope he & his family are ok ........ and selfishly, I hope he plays next week
  4. I don't know much about "the cap" ..... but it looks like he is being paid 1.9mil this year but it jumps to 11.1mil next year (& talks that he wants PAID) ..... maybe the Falcons are just ready to rebuild ..... than again, "personal issue" can be anything - hope him & his family are ok ..... seems whatever happened happened quick / last 16-24 hours
  5. ..... chances he's being shopped/ traded ? bye next week for ATL & trade deadline coming fast .....
  6. (standard scoring) I added Ridley yesterday via trade for Thielen, H Henry, & R Cobb LFG
  7. I'm ok with him getting 15 touches & 90-100% of the work inside the 5 ........ but without 20+ touches a game he isn't a weekly RB1 without a TD
  8. to my benefit - I switched at the last minute & started Moss ...... but I did like Michel's showing & happy to have him (and Henderson) on my team/ as a RB2 consideration weekly moving forward
  9. I only have Michel or Z Moss as my RB2 in a deep league........ think I'm going with Michel (prob 1 of 20 people in the country starting him today - wish me luck)
  10. 🙏 I'm all in this year .... he's on every team I have
  11. Henderson is still the starter, and should still receive 65-70% of the touches when healthy. In what should be a very good offense on a team that has a shot at the SB: I'll say: Henderson 1000-7 350-2 Michel 400-5 150-1
  12. drafted last night (deep bench league) I took Hardman as my WR4 & then took both Pringle & Robinson late ........ not sure if I love it (if something happens to Hill!!) or hate it (week to week it'll be a diff. 1 of the 3 posting numbers)
  13. OL has always been trash QB has always been trash when healthy he is a stud GM and coach (& QB) could all get whacked if they don't compete for division this year Giants play Thursday night week 2 ...... I expect lesser workload first 2 weeks, then bellcow week 3 on
  14. achilles is a nasty injury - took me about a year to walk pain free (*no, I'm not a pro athlete*) ..... i think the Colts like the locker room player & threw him a bone 5-7 touches a game in 2021 with a home opener TD for a feel good story
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