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  1. 🙏 I'm all in this year .... he's on every team I have
  2. Henderson is still the starter, and should still receive 65-70% of the touches when healthy. In what should be a very good offense on a team that has a shot at the SB: I'll say: Henderson 1000-7 350-2 Michel 400-5 150-1
  3. drafted last night (deep bench league) I took Hardman as my WR4 & then took both Pringle & Robinson late ........ not sure if I love it (if something happens to Hill!!) or hate it (week to week it'll be a diff. 1 of the 3 posting numbers)
  4. OL has always been trash QB has always been trash when healthy he is a stud GM and coach (& QB) could all get whacked if they don't compete for division this year Giants play Thursday night week 2 ...... I expect lesser workload first 2 weeks, then bellcow week 3 on
  5. achilles is a nasty injury - took me about a year to walk pain free (*no, I'm not a pro athlete*) ..... i think the Colts like the locker room player & threw him a bone 5-7 touches a game in 2021 with a home opener TD for a feel good story
  6. Fields is/ will be a starting NFL QB ..... top 5 pick in 2021 ...... kind of reminds me of Tony Romo
  7. I play in 1 keeper league, 2 keepers, standard scoring: I will have to decide on 2 of 3: Barkley, Ekeler, J Taylor..... I feel Barkley is a must -- Ekeler/JT will have me overthinking until August
  8. I own JT in 1 keeper league ....... I'll get to keep 2 of Barkely, Ekeler, J Taylor (standard) ...... up until 2 weeks ago Taylor was going to be the odd man out, now I just hope I don't let the wrong one go .........
  9. any chance he is playing with an undisclosed injury? ..... hasp or toe - ribs ????? also, Hines has to be the 50/25/25 head of the 3 head monster moving forward, no ????
  10. 52 GOP Senators that rep 18 million less people than the 48 Dem Senators ....... add in Electoral College & Gerrymandering (allowing Congressmen to select their voters) -- we are NOT a divided country, we are ruled by a loud 35-40% minority thanks to out outdated and unevenly weighted election systems #EndMinorityRuleInAmerica
  11. I like Biden's odds of finishing his 4 year term better than I like the odds of Trump running again in 2024
  12. the VERY gerrymandered House where the officials select their voters ?? ....... draw them fair/ even at that will be 60/40 as well
  13. divided? ..... 6 mil.+ for one side over the other isn't as divided as many make it out to be. small states with 2 Senators gives a falsehood of equally divided --- America isn't a 50/50 country, we are a 60/40 country (maybe/ leaning 65/35)
  14. I am playing him this week over J Taylor ..... I feel good about 80-100 total yards and a TD this week (home vs Raiders)
  15. benching him this week for Kelley --- but hopefully rolling with him ROS after that
  16. MORE LIKE MINORITY RULE ...... more Americans vote Dem. & Dem. Senators rep far far more people than the GOP Senators do too much power for rural population ..... losing by MILLIONS isn't a majority anything
  17. deep league (& I have injuries) -- unless I make a trade I have little else & forced to start him weekly as my RB2 ...... he needs to run more aggressive & with more power
  18. ....... so, he signs Tuesday with Seahawks, right ?!?!?
  19. I too think it will be Seattle (they understand how bad their D is & that they'll have to win shootouts in the postseason & if they somehow face KC in the SB they'll need 50pts. to win). if Seattle: high end WR3 ROS with prob 1 monster 150-3 game
  20. was 1 of my favorite WR targets heading into the season - drafted him in 2 leagues, dealt him prior to this week in 1 league with deep rosters (and I was decimated with RB injuries) for TY Hilton & Philip Lindsey after unsuccessfully trying to package him as a centerpiece in a deal for Delvin Singletary
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