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  1. I’m not ready to give up on Nick Mullens yet. He’s basically got an audition for the rest of the year, even though it’s with a mash unit, and we can see what he can do. At least we will know what we have going into the off-season.
  2. That looks terrible, Team A gets an upgrade at every position including what I think are the two best players in the trade, Godwin and Chinn.
  3. I’m wondering if now that is the time to sell some of my excess stock. I have Topps baseball and football complete sets from 64 to 89 with a bunch of partial sets and some extra graded cards (like 3 Nolan Ryan rookies). Is it really that crazy out there right now?
  4. Could use a little help here. Have an existing PS4 in our TV room, myself and 3 sons use it. I have the main account. Just set up a new PS4 in our new gameroom (paired to a 77 OLED and Sonos Arc, I can't wait!) and I'm wondering how I can tie the two PS4s together. Games downloaded, users, etc. We have a 5TB external hard drive for storage of game files on our old system, wonder if I need to plug that in to the new Pro and move files over? Anyway, any help you guys could provide would be awesome. Thanks! p.s. For those of you that finished LoU2 and didn't change the settings and do a second playthrough, you are missing out. Some really fun options, like slow speed when aiming your gun, infinite ammo, one hit kills, different graphics, etc.
  5. So my gameroom is almost done. Bar, pool table in. Shuffleboard on the way. New couch and recliner in place. Picked up two 43 TCL smart TVs, one for behind the bar and one for my gym. Out the door for less than $500 total. I was fired up until we got the big daddy 77" OLED paird with the Sonos Arc fired up last night. Oh my. I've never had a setup like this before. Its almost to much for the room its in. The true test will be playing some PS4 Pro games on it, but so far it is awesome. Worth the pricetag? Can't say, but this new build project has cost me an arm and a leg, so I'm not going to count pennies now...and most importantly, the kids love it.
  6. My AV guy got me one for $500 off so basically no tax. I think it’s going to be about 3800 bucks. Sony 77” OLED Master Series 4K Ultra HD HDR. I’ll report back in about a week how it looks
  7. Looking to buy a 77 OLED for my new game room, my AV guy will handle the sound system. He’s recommending Sony or LG. Any suggestions/experience/deals? Thanks
  8. Yeah, that is the first thing I thought too--"does this mean Staley's retiring?"
  9. That was my thinking exactly. Can start up to 3 rb and/or up to 5 wr. Wanted to get out high on Henry and buy low on Juju. This year, I lost the trade, no question. I’m playing for domination next year and forward. Tired of this bad luck, top point scorer last place garbage. Gonna build a team so strong it simply doesn’t matter if every opponent had their top week against me💪
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