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  1. I can almost guarantee you that the Gemma/rape arc is going to last the entire season.
  2. Ah, I was wondering what that was about. Very clever.
  3. I'm giving this the OFFICIAL Littlejeans stamp of approval. Very funny stuff.
  4. Looks like she's been working out like a fiend, at least. Something odd with her face though. Funny ep.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if he ended up back in jail. There was some pretty heavy foreshadowing.
  6. They are. But Jax blowing off the "A" that Opie cut into the dead Mayan was an attempt to cover their tracks.BTW, the preview after last Tuesday's episode was a preview of the forthcoming season, not just the next episode. I believe that Gemma initially hides what happened from the club.
  7. Guess towards the end of this season the JFK assassination will have to be in there.By the way, did red put on more lbs or do they pad her up more around the midsection? She looked noticeably thicker in the waist than recent photos of her.JFK's probably the season finale, or thereabouts.Didn't Beatlemania start in 1963?
  8. 3:1 he speaks perfect English. Asians love pulling the translator gag, where the guy says all sorts of crazy #### about doing coke and tapping broads, and the translator just says some bland sports cliches. Guarantee all of S. Korea is rolling right now.
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