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  1. They knew before the draft a few years back that Gordon was getting suspended and they STILL refused to draft any WRs
  2. Meh.... Tang is overrated... Supposedly a favorite among astronauts and the drink of Future at one time but it tastes more like watered down orange kool-aid
  3. Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson and Antonio brown all showed this past season that they were not "quarterback proof" so my question would be "what skill does josh Gordon have that none of these three do?"I believe all three of those mentioned were unique situations... Bryant wasn't the same or even close after the foot injury... Calvin wasn't OLine proof as it limited his downfield usage ALOT... And Brown really wasn't even playing with a QB when Ben went down (yeah Vick was THAT bad)... If Gordon gets a QB not afraid to be aggressive then he should be fine...
  4. Are you too good for your home? Soul I changed my prediction. 107, 1495, 13TDs That's quite the uptick 107 blunts 1495 beers 13 table dances What's his catch percentage for passes again? Assuming 60% catch rate these numbers are prolly a bit HIGH as nobody is passing him the bud 180 times this season
  5. held him for 14 in my devy league. we can draft peewee players. cmike was a hung stud way back then. made the white coaches look like infants if you know what i mean. If I were white that would be offensive.... I'm white Also I hate Christine Michael now
  6. So frustrating... Forced to start either fozzy or brown because of injuries and this ash hat whom I cut 2 wks after Dallas did ends up actually doing something Held him for 3 yrs
  7. That's like SoulFly saying Tim doesn't post enough. Haha I seriously Lol'd at this
  8. Ok so I know some are saying who in the world would have the need or desire to start C-Mike or poor man's C-Mike this week... Consider I'm the 1st seed in my 12 tm dyno league 0.5 ppr league... Start 2 RB... Already lost Leveon, Dion Lewis, TJ Yeldon, Jonathan Stewart, Mark Ingram, Still have a gimpy Lamar Miller and Karlos Williams who may not play much... THAT'S how you get stuck deciding between knuckleheads of this proportion
  9. Seriously... Why NOT the Titans... They can pick up Michael and drop Sankey
  10. Dropped CJ Anderson for Diggs prior to kickoff in 14 tm non ppr... Thanks to this thread... Kid looks good!!
  11. I see valid points along both sides of this discussion and honestly that is what the shark pool is supposed to be about... I fall more on the side of them not using him properly but I get the correlation to him not being effective enough on base plays to "fool" the defense with the occasional constraint play... I will point out, however, that there are quite a few examples of players doing well in certain systems as opposed to other systems. One should need to look no further than CJ Anderson this yr vs last yr or heck how about Mark Clayton being a bust in Baltimore but fitting beautifully
  12. I own Michael... Traded Randle & Travis Benjamin for Moncrief today in dynasty (30 ret yds per pt & .5 ppr with 29 man rosters) Traded to a redskins fan no less... Just giving people a Guage on Randle and Michael value
  13. Well played!! Jason F ęrre-Paul.... See what I did there? The P is missing a chunk, the i is just plain missing, and the e is just a little mangled... Ok bye
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