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  1. I've been all over Ebron. don't overthink it. Ebron is very talented and has the opportunity and a clear path to targets. Doyle is keeping his price down.
  2. yep, the "love talking about my other leagues" guy
  3. - whipped guy who is constantly on the phone with wife/gf throughout the draft and leaves immediately after the last pick is made - guy who is never ready when it's his turn to pick....then calls out 2 guys who have already been drafted - guy who says "great pick" or "I was going to take him" after every other pick
  4. left with a shoulder injury tonight. severity unknown.
  5. I play just PPR and mostly FFPC format first off, any strategy will work if you pick the right guys. But if I'm at the end of the 1st round I'm usually going WR-WR or RB-WR or WR-RB, sometimes mixing an elite TE in there. very rarely if ever will I go RB-RB. In general, why would I take two 2nd tier RBs and leave the top WRs to fall to the guys who just got the 1st tier RBs. I want to take an edge somewhere (whether it's 2 money in the bank WRs or an elite TE). If I'm taking a RB there in PPR they better catch passes. This year I like Dalvin Cook with one of those picks. Not as high on Fournette or Hunt but they are definitely options. you can pair an elite WR like Thomas, Julio, or Beckham with Cook or Gronk and that's a nice start IMO. or grab two of those top WRs. In one FFPC draft with the 11th pick I went Julio/Thomas. In the 3rd/4th I went Diggs/A Collins.
  6. The NFL solved the problem for me by making the games unwatchable
  7. I'd say there's a good chance he ends up the guy in Detroit. a 31-year old Blount and Theo Riddick (3.4 ypc career) are much less of a threat than it might appear at first glance. the Lions have invested a lot in the offensive line. worth the risk where you can get him in drafts right now.
  8. either pounce on one of the top 3 or wait by wait I mean take 2-3 high upside guys later. I've been targeting Ebron and OJ Howard in FFPC. other guys that fit the bill are Burton and Njoku, although Burton seems to be creeping up draft boards. I would avoid the middle tier guys who have already peaked (Walker, Rudolph, Olsen, Reed, etc.). One mistake I see owners make is to feel like they have to jump on one of the middle-tier guys early after missing out on the top guys. usually that pick could be better spent on a RB or WR. take a young guy with talent who could explode if things break right. again, depends on the league but that's how I would approach FFPC.
  9. another one from the 11-hole QB - Roethlisberger (13), Manning (18) RB - A Collins (4), K Johnson (6), C Thompson (7), Breida (11), Barber (12), Yeldon (15), Blount (16), Perine (17) WR - Julio (1), Thomas (2), Diggs (3), C Davis (5), Ridley (10), Doctson (14) TE - Howard (8), Ebron (9)
  10. I've done a couple early ones. 6th pick QB - Ryan (13), Goff (15) RB - R Freeman (5), C Thompson (6), K Johnson (7), Hyde (9), Clement (12), Perine (16), Ware (19) WR - Hopkins (1), Hilton (3), Fuller (9), Ridley (10), D Bryant (11), M Williams (14) TE - Gronkowski (2), Graham (4), Butt (17) 1st pick QB - Cousins (12), Garoppolo (13) RB - D Johnson (1), Henry (4), Ajayi (5), Clement (10), Breida (14) WR - D Adams (2), Watkins (7), R Cobb (8), Fuller (9), Golladay (15), D Westbrook (17), P Richardson (18), Moncrief (20) TE - Ertz (3), Howard (6), Ebron (11)
  11. looks like another clunker. not a good trend
  12. I think people are sleeping on this guy he costs you nothing in drafts. Carr is looking his way in camp right now. athletic TE and a QB/offense on the uptick. I smell value.
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