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  1. They had many hits up here in Canada. This is one of their best. It's certainly aged the best, I'd say. One of my first concerts was April Wine. Fun band. 3 guitar players plus a bass player, you don't see that every day.
  2. Beyond awful! Lots of shorthanded goals earlier in the year but that run stopped a while ago. As for the playoffs, Edmonton may have turned a corner and any team with McDrai poses a threat. But Toronto is far ahead of anybody else right now, no doubt.
  3. Desperate move by a desperate GM. Losing 2 in a row to Ottawa (and 3 of 4) didn't help. It will be interesting for me to see what Ducharme does differently. Glad Muller is gone tho. He has run the PP for many years and it's never been good.
  4. Thoughts on the gw goal with 2 seconds left that was called back in the Habs game? Link as a Habs fan, no surprise that I think it was terrible. Murray had plenty of time to get set. Not really sure why he did the backwards spin to begin with.
  5. I checked back a few pages but didn't see this one that is currently annoying the heck out of me. Forever Home. Used by many real-estate agents near me. Makes me want to "Congratulations to my buyers on findng your forever home"
  6. I was never much of a fan. As a Canadian, I was definitely in the minority. I liked a few songs, Bobcaygeon and New Orleans is Sinking to name two, but could never get past Gord's (RIP) awful voice. The songs I did like it as mostly due to the music.
  7. Finished Your Honor on the weekend. The show was very entertaining all along but I was pretty dissatisfied at the ending. Not the resolution to the main story but the smaller pieces that left me wanting. I won't add spoliers (because I don't know if they work) but the courtroom stuff became pretty silly, IMO. There are other things in the side stories that brought it down in my eyes as well. I'd probably give it 6.5, maybe 7. Would have been lower if not for BC's acting. On the flip side. I am through S3 of Vikings and still loving it. S4 drops Thursday up here in the GWN (#Gre
  8. Toronto blowing a 5 1 lead to the worst team in the NHL makes me
  9. And now the Leafs have the hot potato named Alex. Guy gets around.
  10. This isn't good. Game delay Montreal pending test result
  11. I was referring to the fact that they got lots of high draft picks over a short period of time. However They, too, made picks that were pretty much concensus - Yakupov and Puljujarvi - that havent panned out. As an aside I expect both of those players you have to be fine NHLers and no reason to not expect Laff to be a star, IMO.
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