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  1. That's been a bit of a discussion point the last few days. Things like sponsorships and bonuses complicate it I think. Maybe let them play but start playoff games anyway?
  2. Things have really gone down hill in S5 of Vikings. I'm just watching now to get through it but doubt I'll try S6. I've never liked the Ivar character but it's just insanely dumb this season. The entire Floki storyline is a waste of time as well. Really not much worth watching anymore. Shame, but not uncommon for a series to hit the wall.
  3. Disappointing that there are no real playoff races other than positioning within the top 4. I suppose Dallas could catch Nashville but would take a mini miracle.
  4. No doubt. OHL players will be very interesting to see since the vast majority - other than the top guys who got to play overseas - haven't even played. I feel terrible for these kids and their families. Should be a fun draft tho.
  5. Great trade by the Isles although I don't know much about the 2 players going back, the 2021 1st will be late in what is going to be a weak draft. Lou gets 2 wily veterans who can still play. Cagy move to get this done early.
  6. I was watching live and thought "holy. he just did that??". I doubt they'll even look at it. Kotkaniemi wasn't hurt. Maybe if he was they would have a look see but since he's McJesus and no injury I would be shocked.
  7. Weird night Rangers get out shot by a bunch, have 22 shots and score 8 and the blues outshoot the wild 37 to 11 and lose 2 0. Fla outshoots chi by almost 2 to1...loses. Hell, the Sabres even outshot Pittsburgh and lost.
  8. I thought We, the North, was going to run the table with no Covid Postponements .
  9. Sending positive thoughts my man! You'll beat this As difficult as it is, and I know you don't want to hurt your wife but I feel you need to tell her. She's going to find out at some point and it will be much easier for you both if you just confront it now so you can get through it together. My even though you never asked for it. All the best regardless!
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