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  1. Drive for show, putt for dough. He's entertaining that's for sure.
  2. trying to fire himself up because I think thats the best thing he's done all day.
  3. Rory playing like garbage. Love this Hovland kid. Seems very likeable. 3 of 4 shots within 3 feet on the 12th in the Rahm/Dechambeu match. Throwing darts!
  4. I saw him hit 3 shots that looked very much like something I would hit. Twice coming home and once earlier when he got a very fortunate bounce off a mound. Sad that there weren't any really tight matches. Hopefully this afternoon is closer.
  5. I enjoyed the first 2 season but couldn't get into s3 at all. Grew an appreciation for David Tennant while watching that show
  6. Speaking of fun weekend, fun team... Friday - Robbie Ray drama Saturday, gm1 - Ryu sucks, jays down big, come back late to win Saturday, gm 2 - Jays no hit thru 6, proceed to score 11 in the 7th Sunday, pick up where they left off scoring at will and outscoring about 15 football teams on the day including 3 that won. Are you not entertained?!? 3 big games with Tampa upcoming.
  7. I swear this announcer actually thought Cincinnati might go for it there on 4th and 3 at midfield.
  8. Finished Part1 of Money Heist Season 5. It was bad but I've come this far so will watch the last 5 episodes when they come out in December. Somewhere along the way they seemed to forget what made the show good and now it's more, or less, trash.
  9. Got my wish. Interesting stipulations on which 1st rounder the coyotes get. Offers some protection in the even Montreal or Carolina get any top 10 pick. I'm happy with the news today. Although I've never been much of a kk fan. For now Montreal is in better shape. Down the road they could regret it. Tough to spend 6 mil on a guy producing as little as kotkaniemi has.
  10. Money Heist Season 5 volume 1 drops tomorrow. Volume 2 is not until Dec 3.
  11. I hope they let him walk. Use the 1st and 3rd plus other assets (or picks) to get someone - say Dvorak. I think it's hilarious but not really wise for Carolina if Montreal doesn't match. Kotkaniemi has LOTS to work on to ever be a 2nd line centreman. Come to think of it, I 🙏 they don't match.
  12. Thanks. Been considering this one for a few days now. Will give it a look
  13. I recall after a year or three my specialist mentioned a medication that didn't require blood work. Since my INR remains steady and I was relieved of the migraine problem I stayed with it. I was never told to change my diet, just keep it fairly consistent. Greens can greatly affect the levels but if you continue to eat similar amounts it's fine. So I still eat near zero . Good luck and thanks for starting this thread !
  14. Glad you identified it early. All the best! This is very similar to my story. My clot originated in my left calf. I dealt with it for months. My wife (now ex) basically forced me to go to Emerg after I played a round of golf and was absolutely gassed. I was about 38 then (56 now) and in pretty decent shape. Speaking of Covid, or Pneumonia, when I had my symptoms it was during the original SARS outbreak in 2003/04. After ruling out me having SARS , they identified it pretty quickly as a pulmonary embolism and started giving me shots of Fragrin to quickly deal with the clot in my lungs. I was fortunate to have not waited much longer because my poor heart was working overtime. Still take warfarin daily. After 6 months they had me go off it to see if I would get a clot again and I did within about 2 weeks so I'm a lifer. get my INR checked every 6 weeks, or so, now. IN my case the testing revealed I have this thing called Factor V Leiden in my blood that makes me more susceptible. It' hereditary apparently and my mom has it but from what she was told she's a carrier. It's not so bad getting blood work every six weeks and I've been lucky that my INR is very stable so my meds have hardly changed at all in 18 years. One nice side effect is that I used to get migraines - maybe 1 every 2 weeks - and I almost never get them after going on Warfarin. I know it's not a coincidence since in that period where they took me off to see if I got a new clot, I got a migraine within about 3 days. Thanks for bringing this up. it's easy to ignore and I think males tend to think "it's nothing". Hell, I could barely breath after walking up 6 steps and I was still too stubborn to go to the hospital. ironically, that day of golf was actually one of the best rounds I ever had .
  15. You mean round 3 replay? It's 3:30am in Japan. I read they moved tee times up for round 4 to 8:30am, so 5:30 pmEST
  16. + rock climbing + surfing and we lose the 50k speed walk (although if this stops young people from being eager to participate in this, it's probably a good thing )
  17. I'm no expert but thought the game was really one sided. The announcers made it sound like it was pretty equal. Was wondering if i was missing something. I saw about 10 corners for Sweden and I think 2 for Canada. The captain for Sweden must feel like crap after blowing her potential clincher over the bar. Also, some weak efforts from both teams in the pk's.
  18. Mens 200m final was fun. The pairs synchronize swimming was mesmerizing. I can't even tread for 5 seconds and they're doing that! Shame. Shame. Shame.
  19. Louis struggling big time. If anyone catches Collin it'll be Speith.
  20. I heard that. Hicks completely missed it but Zinger caught it. Too funny.
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