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  1. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Crazy good movie. Emphasis on the crazy word. Sam Rockwell is really great in this. George Cooney however, cannot act Definitely a story that I'd love to able to see proven as true. Even partially. Given Hollywood's tendency to maybe not a good story get in the way of the truth, Harris' rather unique personality and that he never really confirmed or denied before he died, I guess we'll never know. ETA: Wrong thread, sorry. Meant to put this in the movie thread not here. Really good movie, although if you don't remember any of the shows (
  2. Isn't there still all kinds of quarantine restrictions still on for mainlanders?
  3. Great, great series. Found it hard to believe Ross Gellar as a hard #### army officer tho
  4. Totally agree. Who knew a mini-series about a drugged out chess prodigy would be so great? Loved the sets, camera work and music.
  5. 👍 not as cool with no C3PO anymore. Boyband sounds like a stoned grandmother
  6. Agree, but matching Tricky Nick is a tough hill to climb. Any hints of even tripping over the weeds at the bottom were lost when he opted to have somebody's 4 year old style his hair for the movie
  7. Here's the Rolling Stone Top 100 I know art is a very subjective thing, but I gotta say quite a few of these are pretty lame
  8. Never saw that before. Definitely Zalpa like
  9. A Night on the town Captain Fantastic Leftoverture Wheels are turning
  10. No way there isn't a thread or a draft or a countdown for this yet. Search was no help. Any help with this certain Honda?
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Now I have to think about getting one. Certain that I poopoo'd some kind of Comcast thing when I was comparison shopping for cord cutting options. Maybe they changed something or I just got bad info. Or as I attested to in the Shark Pool I can't friggin read
  12. I think I read somewhere that if you have this Comcast internet doodad that it blocks your hacked firestick from working.
  13. Used - Offense - Saints, GB Defense - Bucs, KC Week 3 Offense- TB Defense- GB
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