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  1. Pretty sure that if you call this number you'll get the right answer
  2. Condolences for your Mom. Someday, somehow someone will figure out how to put an end to this.
  3. Tough luck and bad genes I guess. I never smoked, dipped or chewed. Army rides people pretty hard to keep good teeth and gums. Your number comes up sometimes
  4. I like to kid with my kids that my version of this song is different than most
  5. Warning. Not for the squeamish or faint of heart I was diagnosed with squamous cell in the cheek and jaw in January. Prognosis was +/- 2 years. After a lot of research, #####ing, crying, being pissed at the world for screwing me over, and generally feeling rather hopeless, I opted for the recommendation of surgery. I chose what turned out to be a very VERY excellent Dr at the University of Penn. Surgery was scheduled for 3/31. At 5AM I was wheeled into the OR. After putting the sleepy stuff in my IV, I was asked to count down from a hundred. I might have made it to 97. When I
  6. I have a Gospel song that will blow the rest of the category out of the water. First person to PM me will get the link
  7. Makes sense, I guess. Still seems like if you're playing in, you should be a high teen
  8. That's dumb. Why 11 and not 14 or 15 or what not? Seems silly making an 11 play in
  9. Question... I thought the play in games were the teams playing to be the last teams in aka the worst of the 16 seeds. But UCLA is an 11 seed. Did I miss a change somewhere or am I just a doofus?
  10. Sorta. Still flareups that need to be treated every so often. But nothing insideous for 3 years and counting. :knocks wood:
  11. I always liked him, thought he was a great analyst. Don't know or care about his politics. Just appreciated his work calling games. Called the 'Cuse championship game so he still gets air time in my house
  12. What Cheezy said. Mental strength is what will pull you guys through. Lean on each other and remember to work together and tag team the hell of this.
  13. There's like no real "community" anymore. Just a bunch of people flitting in and out of the storyline in any given week with the main characters disappearing for weeks or months at a time. If this wasn't ending in a year I would be bailing.
  14. Not going to help. Not with writing like she's getting here. The kid was my son. Except he wasn't my "son", I just called him that. He was actually my Sister's kid so he was technically my nephew. Except she wasn't really my "sister", I just called her that so he wasn't really my nephew either. But he wasn't neither for very long 'cause he got bit. Any way, let's go catch fish and have sex. Then I can call you "husband", except you won't really be my husband because....
  15. Just bought a Maytag Dishwasher and LG Fridge. Both were delivered inside a week. We had a limited space for the fridge and that limited our choices. So far so good (knock wood). The LG was the nicest that we saw of our choices The Maytag was pretty hands down the best that we saw looking in 4 stores at probably 50 different ones. The layout and sturdiness made it standout. The Bosch was a close second choice, but our 13 year old Kenmore finally bit the dust and there's next to no availability for them. So the Maytag won out.
  16. stay tuned! But be forewarned I'm as fickle as the day is long. I'll call em as I see em and will flip flop with what strikes me at the moment. If you're looking for Wikkid level insightfulness, you'll be disappointed
  17. Into the Wild. Phenominal. Fantastic. 17 out of 10 stars. I can't recommend this one enough. If you haven't seen this, you're a bigger dipstick than me. Not since Big Fish have I been engrossed in a story like this. The story, the performances, the scenery (Oh man! The scenery!), everything was just so so good. Quite possibly the most spellbounding 2+ hours of my movie watching life.
  18. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Crazy good movie. Emphasis on the crazy word. Sam Rockwell is really great in this. George Cooney however, cannot act Definitely a story that I'd love to able to see proven as true. Even partially. Given Hollywood's tendency to maybe not a good story get in the way of the truth, Harris' rather unique personality and that he never really confirmed or denied before he died, I guess we'll never know. ETA: Wrong thread, sorry. Meant to put this in the movie thread not here. Really good movie, although if you don't remember any of the shows (
  19. Isn't there still all kinds of quarantine restrictions still on for mainlanders?
  20. Great, great series. Found it hard to believe Ross Gellar as a hard #### army officer tho
  21. Totally agree. Who knew a mini-series about a drugged out chess prodigy would be so great? Loved the sets, camera work and music.
  22. 👍 not as cool with no C3PO anymore. Boyband sounds like a stoned grandmother
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