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  1. Do you believe in capitalism? If so, then there's your answer. Not everyone can marry someone who makes more money than them like Brady.
  2. Just pmed you about a league.
  3. It is actually a 12 team. I had the 7 pick. Took Chubb then Henry. Was then offered the 2.9 and his 7th rounder. Gave up my 3rd and 4th. Pretty happy with the deal. Rookie picks for this year are part of the draft. #1 and #2 went 3.10 and 3.12. That's just too soon imo with the talent out there. In my experience, it's pretty easy to maintain youth with savvy trading.
  4. To each his own. I've done this numerous times, but this is my first start up in a decade. $$$ is on the line. I plan on being a top tier team. I'll take a proven stud over youth. Having 30 roster spots allows you to sprinkle youth at some point. Sure Jefferson could be the next great WR or he could be the next Braylon Edwards. Henry will be a stud baring an injury for the near future. No signs of falling off yet. The trio of Chubb, Henry, and Michael Thomas I've started with looks good to me.
  5. Exactly my thought process. Having trouble deciding between the 2. Sanders is electric, but had multiple injuries this year. And that oline is atrocious.
  6. It's a startup and have been contemplating Sanders over Henry. The 2 WRs are the other people I'm considering, but considering how things have unfolded, I can see 1 of them being available next round. Lamb, Jefferson, and Swift went in the first 14 picks. Has me scratching my head.
  7. Anyone care to rank these guys from a dynasty value: Derrick Henry Miles Sanders Deandre Hopkins Michael Thomas
  8. Fitting name as your response not only has nothing to do with my post, but is void of logic and reason. A nobody on a message board knows more than a players teammates and coach lol
  9. Two words......Mickey Loomis. I trust him, and that's wishful thinking with you being a Bucs fan.
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