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  1. Didn’t grow up there, but spent plenty of time there over the past 30 years to know the city. Your opinion of me means nothing…..as well as your existence.
  2. No clue what you’re talking about.
  3. Yep. No way you sit Brown unless you have another top 10 WR or flex.
  4. Was really surprised that Kittle was drafted before Waller in one of my leagues allowing me to get Waller in the 3rd. Kittle is a beast , but I’d never draft him because he misses games every season.
  5. So all of a sudden with their #1 RB out, the Hawks decide to become a running team.
  6. Cook, Brown, and Jacobs are absolutely killing one of my teams. Yeah, I know……nobody cares, but it’s painful.
  7. Rolling with Dallas over Chicago. Best WW choices. Only other is GB and that one I’m not sure about. Think Dallas exposes Carolina.
  8. Really considering him over Javonte Williams.
  9. Do you ever do anything other than whine? It’s halftime. Look at Chase’s #s and he’s a must start. They have a thread especially for people like you.
  10. He also needs someone to block for him. He had nothing yesterday.
  11. Yep. Have him and Aiyuk on multiple teams and it’s very disappointing.
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