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  1. So it’s just a case of way overthinking this.
  2. No way I’m taking Pitts over Harris. Crazy talk. Is this age thing coming out of college something new? I’m just now back playing dynasty after 10 years, and this wasn’t an issue back then.
  3. I don’t. I do think they draft a RB, but it will be mid to late rounds. If they don’t trade up for a QB, it will probably be LB, OL or CB just based on local radio talk.
  4. Folks expecting James White's #s from a few years ago are going to be disappointed.
  5. Even though it might be 1 year......Fitz easily.
  6. What is about FF that makes grown men act like children? How do I use the ignore function here? Someone PM me please.
  7. Why do I get the feeling taking him in the 1.05 - 1.12 range will dissapoint? Am I the only one? I have the 1.06 and 1.07 in a league that I'm tempted if he's there, but feel like I'd be better off getting baby Gronk in the early 2nd if possible. He apparently can't block. Neither could Jimmy Graham, but he did extremely well with Brees. Post Brees not so much.
  8. The height/weight doesn't really affect my opinion of him considering the other WRs in his tier. His landing spot could.
  9. I can only wish he would make it to my 2.02. I also have the 1.10 and don't expect him to be there.
  10. Oh yeah. I'm assuming rd 3 or above. Was Conner much of a receiver? I honestly don't know because I've never drafted him. I've never been a fan. Before Bell, I don't recall them having much of a pass catching back. Don't recall Mendenhall or Bettis being part of the passing game. Was Fast Willie?
  11. He probably shoots up to 1st rd depending on how everything else shakes out.
  12. Yep. As an owner of the #2 pick, I hope he doesn't go #1. Of course, the NFL draft could change that.
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