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  1. Disagree. It’s atrocious. We don’t know what Wilson is yet. He looked pretty good in his debut. We do know what Hooper is. So you’re saying you’d pay a 2nd rd rookie pick for Hooper? Doubtful.
  2. I think the same for him and Freeman. Watching folks run to pick either of these guys makes me giggle. I actually drop Bell in a dynasty i took over this year. No ragrets.
  3. 12 team dynasty. Just got: his Austin Hooper for my Zach Wilson
  4. I in no way targeted Pettis like I did Aiyuk. Got him as my WR3 in all 3 of my redraft leagues. Pettis wasn’t even on my radar. Just one man’s take.
  5. Portis had a problem fumbling when he was drafted. It’s something that can be fixed.
  6. Dropped in 1 for Tony Jones and kept in another with 2 more bench spots. It was only week 1.
  7. Week 1 this happens…….every single year.
  8. Yes. And he’s $$ when he does. Can’t predict this. If you didn’t know he came with a buyer beware label…….we’ll, that’s on you.
  9. Love this guy when he plays. Never again after this. Probably dropping him next week.
  10. Nothing surprising at this point.
  11. Callaway went in the 7th of a 12 team I did last night. I got Thomas in the 10th and was able to IR him.
  12. He looked terrible in the preseason. Not really sure how much excitement one would have even if he's signed somewhere.
  13. I keep seeing the Rams need a RB from people. Why do folks think this after trading for Michel. I don't own any Rams RB, but it seems that trade solidified that position for now.
  14. That was one hilarious interaction when it went down. He was going down swinging.
  15. I don’t think he’s been back since he got a timeout.
  16. He has in my opinion. Anything to get him off my roster as he would have never been in my lineup unless my other 2 TEs would have both been injured.
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