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  1. FWIW- A news article which references House Democrats and "RINO's" working to remove her tells me that it's obviously biased to the right and loses my interest right there. (Would do the same if it leaned left too) Obviously some of it (the tweets) are out there and are provable. I can't accept it as not crap when the author is using terms like "RINO's" instead of just calling them Republicans, which is what they are. Derogatory name calling tells me that some of it is actually crap because the author can't be impartial.
  2. From what I could see of the Capital defenders with their guns drawn and barricaded inside I do believe it's entirely possible that all the lawmakers were concerned for their lives. The rhetoric which brought them there was spoken by the GOP reps at the rally and had been ongoing for months if not longer. By that point they'd already heard the gunshot and the sound of radicalized rioters growing closer. I don't understand why AOC's comment has become another point of division. It's like people can't face the fact that to move forward, we have to move together, not further apart.
  3. You're right. He only told them to go TO the Capital and "fight like hell". Pure speculation on the part of the insurrectionists that he wanted them to go INTO the Capital to "fight like hell".
  4. I didn't either until delving into the mindset and recruitment strategies of various cults.
  5. I think I'd hold the pick. Superflex is going to push the value down to the late 2nd for me. Plus you've got a solid starting lineup at WR as is. I'd like the positional flexibility too, keeping my options open. .
  6. Man, I'd keep Tua in a 2 QB league. Even with the guys you have, Never enough good QB's. Look for RB's with your picks
  7. I'm with you. My trump-rants never end. But they will soon. Can't wait for him to face legal consequences.
  8. Lol. Didn't mean to sound corrective. I knew where you were coming from. Sorry if any offense.
  9. To quote “By the way on November fourth you won’t hear about it anymore,” With daily totals now topping 100,000, I do think we'll all be talking about it through most of next year when a vaccine we can actually trust comes out. But I'm not President so what do I know...
  10. Unfortunately trump has already suggested he'll change the laws so he can stay for a third term. Putin does come to mind.
  11. We all knew this was trump and Dejoy's plan from the get-go. Sickening.
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