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  1. Look in a mirror sometime. You always drastically slant the actual facts to fit your narrative.
  2. 1-Pick something you can (not WANT) do. 2-Get hired. 3-Grow with the company you work for. 4-Have the right attitude and get on with your life. Things will happen through the course of whatever job you get which will dictate the path you'll follow.
  3. Just on our street we have lots of anti-Rittenhouse folks and we do all have guns. Most of us support common decency which does (for some) include people who are aware of the racial disparity in this country and it's laws. Also we know that the extremists on both sides are dangerous. You do like to make unsubstantiated generalizations though.
  4. Love it! Sadly enough, I could actually see him trying this. Even sadder is that his followers would agree with him.
  5. Seems like she knew she was breaking the rules and was notified of the consequences before they were enacted. Nothing really to see here.
  6. Nailed it. For some reason he's the receiving TE and Jonnu isn't.
  7. Agreed. He never should have gotten behind a mike. He disgusted me back when he played and would fight his own teammates on the sidelines during games.
  8. Not saying it SHOULD bother you. It bothers me only because of his implication that he should be treated differently from the darker skinned announcers that were sharing the table with him, merely because of the color of his skin. It was certainly meant as a bad joke but joking about racial disparity does tend to bother me.
  9. They're discussing who's going to win Atlanta-Jets. Steve picked the Jets but said if they're behind at the half he's switching to the Falcons. The female announcer says he can't change his pick. Steve responds "I'm light-skinned. I can do anything I want." Does this bother anyone else?
  10. Time will tell but I don't think he sacrificed his wealth at all. I do think that it's mainly because his financial house of mirrors is crumbling and most financial institutions are cutting him out. It would have happened sooner if he "sacrificed some of his wealth". I'll be very surprised if he doesn't do time down the road.
  11. Pathetic that people still try to adhere to this kind of drivel. Everyone in America saw what happened when they broken into our Capital trying to hang our vice president and stop the election. I am so sick of this feigned innocence.
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