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  1. Depends on roster size, rules, etc.. In my 22-26 player dynasties, I usually prefer carrying at least 3 starting qb's.
  2. I don't understand what is going on in your life that you feel the need to do things like this.
  3. You cannot be serious. The anti-vaxx and anti maskers are not coming from Biden's side. If you wish to make up things to get a rise from other more knowledgeable people, help yourself. We all know.
  4. Of course saying that, he'll get hurt coming out of the tunnel tonight.
  5. Planting three flags. 1) Ty'Son Williams will finish top 5 RB's. 2) Ty'Son Williams will break the curse and stay healthy. 3) Ty'Son will be #1 waiver add for the season.
  6. Just wrong. I do understand that the anti-mask, anti-vaxxed are frustrated and trying to smear anyone associated with the furthering of America getting healthy, but this is just wrong. Only one administration has blamed him for everything in public, pretty much from their get-go and it's not the current one.
  7. The one true fact through all this crap. Well put (again).
  8. Upper teens for me. Low 20's if I have Edwards there.
  9. Not sure how this plugs into his HIPAA comment about asking if someone's vaccinated. (BTW-He's correct.)
  10. Nope. Those videos can (and are) easily cut and manipulated.
  11. This is right to me. Late first/early 2nd. I've been watching this guy for a couple years and anxiously awaiting his chance. Barring injury, I do expect a lot.
  12. His predecessor set that bar too high for anyone else.
  13. Completely justifiable. Was he supposed to wait until she opened the door and just negotiated a "peaceful withdrawal"? No way it can be anything but completely justified. Bear in mind there's two completely different realities in our nation now. I believe in the same reality as the officer.
  14. I've seen enough of his answers to agree completely.
  15. No doubt a lot more people would be dead if Babbitt had made it through and opened that door. A lot more.
  16. Really incredible how dumb these people are.
  17. we escalated from 100,000 to the now 630,000 and all that was during recovery, opened back up, 6 feet rule, masks and "vaccines" and that's a success ? 400,000 of those were on Trump's watch so the terms recovery, opened back up, vaccines, and masks weren't really in play.
  18. Can't be surprised. It's happening more and more every day.
  19. WFT fan here. Loving his upside. By midseason I do think he'll be the 1B to Gibson.
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