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  1. Got a feeling he'll be pushin' fat rob to the sidelines sooner than later. Don't let him get by ya. If you draft Kelley hope your roster size is big enuff to add this kid or you might be using a few expletives,lol.
  2. No doubt Foster has talent. Why jeopardize his career just to put him on the field now. Let him sit this year, not like we're really SB contenders, and let his talent start to shine next year and hopefully many years. Don't ruin the kid!!
  3. I think I might take a late round flyer on him. I should have a roster spot for him & see how he bounces back. For what he's gone through it'd be nice to see the kid succeed. I think he's an unrestricted FA next year so he'll have some incentive.
  4. As much as I distain Kap's sideline actions he is still an American & has the right to do what he did, regardless of how people feel about it. It certainly seems to have damaged his career & he has to live with that. On the football side, I don't feel Kap is a franchise QB. Yes, he did show talent early and many got excited about it. Then, for whatever reasons, he seemed to regress. I still think he can play in the nfl but probably his only shot is as a backup QB. Will he accept that kinda role? We'll see
  5. Not really sure where Colon Krapernick would be a good fit. Oh, I know one place but I'll defer that statement til another day.
  6. Was a little worried the 49ers brainRUST would collectively mix their brain noodles and take Trubisky at #2. Since they signed Hoyer and a backup that shows me the huge man crush Shanny has for Kirk Cousins. Since we need to rebuild the whole team might as well wait a year on Shanny's guy. I don't,see a standout guy in this class of QB's so might as well wait a year and if we don't get Cousins maybe next year's QB class might have a couple guys at QB. I'm,sure we'll have a#5 pick or lower. Maybe even #1. So they need to use their head, trade down from #2 and trade down further if need be to get someone that'll be a 9er for a while. Good luck Mitchell Trubisky.
  7. I wish Harbaugh & the 49ers management would take a serious shot at him. All they really have is Boldin & Davis plus Gore outta the bacfield. I don't think Boldin can keep up his pace for 16 games. Gordon would help take pressure off guys PLUS get production. We need someone next to Boldin NOW!! We can't sit & wait on Crabtree. Throw out a 2014 second rounder and see what happens. I think that's get him. Bouncing between starting Gordon & Marshall.I know start your studs but Marshall's not exactly tearing it up. Cincy has DB's outso if Hoyer gets time he's gonna throw. Might wait until Sunday to decide but I'm leaning a little toward Gordon. Cutler doesn't impress me that much and the Lions secondary isn't too bad, so Marshall will probably get double-teamed.
  8. I feel he's gonna make an immediate impact even with Jennings around and Ponder as his QB. His value would skyrocket if he had a QB that was more accomplished. Even with Ponder I think he's gonna post good #2 WR numbers. I picked him up off waivers in 4 espn leagues,so I'll gladly take a flier on him. If he hits he'll definitely make a lot of fantasy team owners happy.
  9. ESPN projects him with 669 yds & 5 td's. I could see that happening if things went right for him. It's always possible Nicks could miss a little time since he plays hard & gets dinged up. Although I hope he doesn't.He's an excellant talent & would like to see him have a good year. They have Bennett at TE & I don't think he'll do too much so I think there's opportunity for Randle with Manningham gone. Of that list probably only Wright I'd consider taking over Randle and possibly Jeffrey. His situation is ok. He could or could not get a decent amount of playing time but if there's vets out there available I'll give them a hard look before taking Randle. If a 1 or 2 WR for the NYG's goes down, God forbid as I wish injury to no one, then Randle's situation's gets a big boost, but you can't rely on that. If there's a decent vet who I know will get playing time I'll usually take them over a rookie that I'm not sure will get enough playing time. Yes I think he's being overhyped & overdrafted and that may work out & maybe not. We'll know at season's end.
  10. Yes, I.Pead could be the leading spokesperson for Depends,although I don't need them yet but still a senior,lol. As a backup to Pead, can't remember his name, they could get that guy that pooped in the college dorm closet
  11. I think 49ers rookie WR A.J. Jenkins could be moved up a bit. Not saying he'll be a #1 but I invision him as a decent #2 eventually with a QB other than Smith. I think after this year, who know maybe this year, he'll be a starter over Manningham & Moss if he's still there. Think the kid has potential but a lot of work to do,. If he puts in the effort and a little more I think there's a good possibility he can be very successful and I like his upside. Of course I'm wanting to see another QB in S.F. Who knows, with all the extra picks they got this year from trades maybe Jim Harbaugh goes out and gets Matt Barkley. I think Jenkins development decreases though as long as Smith stays the starter. Give A.J. a franchise QB and he'll make good use of him & vice-versa, whomever that is. Nice list though CP.I saved it to my favorites list. Thanks for all the work on it.
  12. Thanks Bnb. It's great to be back around all the good people at FBG's. As far as the Diabetes donation I didn't really want to do anything online, my wife's always skeptical,LOL. Gotta keep the women happy huh. If you'd e-mail me the orginization's name, mailing address, who to make check out to I'll be glad to send a little donation by check if that's ok. Let me know. Thanks for the PM.

  13. Seems to have been an excellant job you've done there Twilight after looking things over.I know it has to take a lot of time, dedication and devotion to handle all the scoring and to have done it for 8 years my hat's off to you my friend for a masterful job done. KUDOS
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