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  1. I'd like to hear why you're high on KJ Hill? That team also has Dalvin Cook, who you forgot to mention. Those WR's were 3 of the top 20 in PPG in our 14 team league. McLaurin was 30th and likely improving. Only concern of that team is injuries and depth at RB. But in a 14 teamer, he's a contender. Anthony Miller was averaging 72 yards per game over a 6 week sample size, until his shoulder injury in week 17. This coincided with Taylor Gabriel not playing. 72 yards X 16 games = 1,152 yards in a season
  2. He's been in the NFL for 2 years. On a team with Robinson, no other WR threat and Jimmy Graham isn't a big TE threat. Cohen is the next biggest competition for targets. Opportunity is there. We're in the same league and "a 2021 2nd" isn't accurate without context. It's a devy league, so it's depleted. The team is also good, so it's a late 2nd. This year the last 4 picks in round 2 were Bowden, Keene, Duvernay, Love.
  3. Cletius is trying to spin this into any positive that he can. He wants to hang on the Packers know what they're doing versus literally everyone else is saying about this draft. Denial IMO
  4. The worst case scenario = Rodgers and veterans feel alienated by this pick. They didn't get support of a young player helping them win in the next 2-3 years from the 1st and 4th they spent on Love. They don't return to the playoffs during this stretch. Love proves he's not a good QB during this time. Green Bay has made the playoffs 1 out of the last 3 seasons. Not making the playoffs again after tossing this pick away is a real reality.
  5. The last 2 Super Bowls GB won: 2010 = Jennings, Driver, James Jones, Jordy, Finley 1996 = Freeman, Brooks, Beebe, Rison, Desmond Howard, Keith Jackson, Chmura
  6. Green Bay's past success of 3 decades literally has zero factor in this draft pick. Bill Belichick is arguably the best coach of all time in any sport. His QB room is Jarrett Stidham/Brian Hoyer...exactly. He traded out of pick 23, Green Bay traded up later to get Jordan Love. To me, Belichick stuck to his guns with values of players. Green Bay just appears like they're trying to be the smartest GM/coaches in the draft.
  7. My short list for Chicago today: S= McKinney, Chinn, Delpit, Winfield. Drafting one of these is almost a no brainer at this point. CB=Johnson, Diggs, Fulton. Edge=Yeter, Weaver, Epenesa OL=Cushenberry WR=Mims RB=Swift, Taylor If Chicago grabs 2 from that list, I'm very happy. Although, I fully expect them to trade down due to a lack of a 3rd/4th round pick this year. They may move down multiple times.
  8. I didn't clarify, which I should have. If you "love" the pick....that shouldn't be the stat line. 66.4 QB rating....the 3rd worst(Georgia Southern and Texas A&M were worse) vs LSU last year of FBS schools.
  9. Can't see him playing for 3 more years....Brees and Brady are still going strong into their 40's. This all but guarantees the end of Rodgers sooner rather than later. Causes a divide not only with Rodgers, but also other vets on the team. This feels like Jerry Krause...
  10. Jordan Love vs LSU = 15/30 130 yards 0 TD 3 INT You can be optimistic and rose colored glasses all you want, but loving this pick is a joke. They gave up a 4th rounder. Green Bay could've waited with(Queen, 3 OT, Mims/Higgins, Baun, Love) on the board. Drafting a QB to sit on the bench for 2/3 years is something you do in later rounds or if a great talent somehow falls. Not for a QB that threw 20 TD vs 17 INT at Utah State last year.
  11. Burns, Lucas, Quinn, Mingo all are high end athletes at their positions. Maybe that's the new direction of the defense...also maybe why they chose Danny T over Nick K.
  12. I'd argue that the main purpose of Artie Burns and Barkevious Mingo is to play special teams. Mingo's deal is 1 year for 1.187 million with .887k guaranteed. He played 75% of special team snaps last season. The Jordan Lucas signing is growing on me....I might not mind him starting opposite Eddie.
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