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  1. First trillion is always the hardest one to make
  2. I gotta couple cards i don’t want anymore. How badly does cancelling them affect my credit? Is there a better way?
  3. Doesn’t apple make everything there?
  4. Musk taunting the shorts then putting in big orders pre and post market (when it’s at its most illiquid) is wild stuff.
  5. http://allstarcharts.com/ready-60-rally-tesla/ this chartist is saying the same thing. I’m looking for some options too
  6. Don’t wanna give too much away but you don’t come away feeling very good about human nature from this one. If you’re into crime drama, it’s done similarly to Making a Murderer.
  7. How long before we can’t talk about young men hurting themselves playing a gladiators sport?
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Johnny making fun of all the millenials was funny, but at times cringeworthy
  9. Anyone chuckle when Tony knighted spidey into the avengers?
  10. The y I go to has separate adult and children lockerrooms, is this not the case with the one you attend?
  11. Anyone use the hand under the armpit fart gag, as actual cover for letting out a real fart? Me neither
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