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  1. I was disappointed. Whole movie actually seems kind of pointless in terms of the storyline advancing. Woulda been better if they stayed truer to the source material. The main battle scene was great though, and spidey too. Needed more of him.
  2. Latest? Someone snapped a pic of him in a club bathroom with a rolled up hundy like a year ago
  3. Anyone know what happened today? Saw them go 5 wide a couple times and he wasn't in
  4. Someone's gonna have to show their work on this one. I believe rotoviz did an article that heavier wrs are better td producers. It didn't necessarily track guys that gained weight
  5. Can you explain what this is exactly? It's going on just down the road from me and as a fan of the MCU I am wondering if this is something I would enjoy or if it is strictly fare for the kids.Lots of motorcycle stunts, some decent explosions and fireworks. About 30 or so characters. They save a good one for the finale
  6. http://m.hitfix.com/motion-captured/hulk-and-iron-man-go-head-to-head-in-beautiful-and-apocalyptic-avengers-age-of-ultron-trailer?hf_exp=social_title_on&title=%26%23x27%3BAvengers%3A%20Age%20Of%20Ultron%26%23x27%3B%20trailer%3A%20Hulk%20versus%20Iron%20Man%2C%20beautiful%20and%20apocalyptic
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