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  1. Seriously that couldn't be a worse interpretation of the actual link...
  2. I wish I could live a life where I was never wrong and never had to take responsibility for anything
  3. It must be so nice being trump as the only person on the planet that is never wrong and knows everything
  4. Seems like now is a good time for more expensive gas while everyone is unemployed
  5. It always seems that when it comes to guns and to the enivronment repubs tend to believe in absolutism. If the bill isn't absolutely perfect there is no point in doing anything. It's politics. everything is trial and error, everything is incremental
  6. again, i'm not debating you on that. the conversation was about give and take and having votes and someone pointed out that mitch won't even allow them to come to the floor. just allow the vote
  7. that's all the argument is about...allow the vote. He won't even allow the vote
  8. It's interesting because the left wing party in this case took a very strong stance on immigration. That's all people want right now. Because the right has harnessed this issue the world is seeing world wide right wing surges but not because of an overall right-wing shift, primarily over the immigration issue.
  9. So happy to see the greens make huge strides and the nationalists coming up essentially flat
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