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  1. The guy just isn't that exciting...i suspect they throw way more, more wr screens etc...
  2. My team is being butchered...this is insanity
  3. The dline is talented but in my opinion downgrades as move back through it. The lbs are alright and the cbs are borderline pedestrian... That being said in the right game they can hold their own so they are probably worth owning -
  4. I like this idea We are backed into corner now because we have a ton of holes and we don't have the picks to make up for it. If we end up 4th in this division (which is probably the case), there is a possibility we gave up some very high picks for Lance. This kid needs to be allen.
  5. I thought I stole him in the draft honestly but it's week 6. Time to accept that this isn't his year. I wish i traded him for swift when i had the chance after week 1.
  6. It's an excellent question. He didn't look that good to me and it's only a sprain for saquan and everyone is injured so...
  7. Well as the 49ers come together he could be a league winner for some with that volume. WIlson back soon though
  8. He looked phenomenal...lots of mouths to feed there so it will be interesting to see how it plays out
  9. This is terrible. He is sinking my whole team honestly. I have to choose between him and damien harris every week and they are both terrible
  10. He's been a huge disappointment since he was drafted honestly
  11. Honestly this is embarrassing to watch with the holding and the blocking... Do a dolphins and trade them all away
  12. They look flat...they don't have to try too hard though
  13. quite frankly even with the holding they aren't doing a good job
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