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  1. Exactly Most of us, I'm sure, have been around long enough to remember when the country just argued over policy and governance issues. Those were simpler times....
  2. That's an excellent point. The evidence must be horrendous against him
  3. They won't even let them have overseers is my understanding. It's absolutely bananas at this point that this is allowed to happen. Beyond corrupt and disgusting. But I'm not surprised in the least honestly.
  4. I still don't understand how this even happened. A private partisan organization attached to the biggest crybaby out there is hired through private money and gets access to all the ballots. What a slippery slope that is.
  5. He is well on his way to becoming the R's candidate for president with his resume He just has to make fun of handicapped people
  6. The worst part is there are probably more of these psychos coming...
  7. You toss out the insults you get them back And i didn't mention Trump by name. I said whatever is happening in the oval office is a massive STEP UP from the previous administration. There is intelligence back in decision making which is more than you could say for the last 4 years.
  8. i'm shocked that they continue to hold that thing up. Everyone around Trump was charged as part of that investigation and Trump himself was a hair away from being charged with obstruction. It's like having a garage full of stolen cars and telling the police you don't know where they came from
  9. The old guy couldn't even figure out where the power button was so it's still a step up
  10. Entirely possible they do while holding their nose. I think it will depend on the candidate for sure
  11. It's never going to be truly bipartisan because Biden will never get the trumpsters on board but he doesn't need too...
  12. It's borderline comical how quickly it invades their brains. Most people, I would think, would back out when they have been fooled 100x already
  13. I don't think it's dead by any means. They had destroyed the thoughtful or intelligent conservative but he's brought into the party a ravenous bunch of Q believing people like the R's have never done before. It's kind of an equal swap
  14. Seriously give the guy or gal a pay raise whoever it is
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