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  1. 3. The trauma from those things is very much alive and well in the present
  2. Ugh...that's awful Part of the thing with all this Q stuff is it's just not personal beliefs, it's the constant throwing of vitriol at everyone. In my hood the anti-covid folks like to block the entrances to grade schools to make kids sick.
  3. I've jus heard breaking news that republicans actually swept the senate and the house as well and that the machines were all broken and controlled by Fidel Castro who isn't actually dead. He lives in a house with Marx and they have so much time they have become expert computer hackers and thus have gamed just the machines that helped the democrats while making sure nothing happened in other races. I'm so glad this news just broke on a number of reputable websites.
  4. I just think most of this is schtick. People can't actually believe all this nonsense
  5. It's funny you bring this up because i was in Costco yesterday and some lady was picking up a national enquirer to buy and i genuinely wanted to ask her why? From a purely intellectual level I'm just curious about what has happened to these people.
  6. It's amazing these people exist. My 7 year old wouldn't believe half of this stuff
  7. It is but (I was being sarcastic) but so is hiring a guy with zero experience who spends his days on twitter telling the world the election was stolen. I wish R's were being sarcastic
  8. Just stopping in to read the obtuse justifications for this joke of an audit. Good to see they are still coming. Why don't we just let Donald Trump Jr. do the audit for the whole country?
  9. Move away from big companies though. There are 1000s of american companies that employ our neighbors that make great products.
  10. Lots of people just moving to rocks with a little bit of shrubbery too
  11. The commodification of housing is going to be devastating
  12. https://www.kirksvilledailyexpress.com/in-depth/news/2021/06/07/hoover-dam-drought-water-levels-lake-mead/7587807002/
  13. yea they truly appear to have buckled under the pressure from corporations. This time next year they will be selling a million of these bills a month
  14. The same people that argue that you can't trust the government in one breathe are the same people trying to defend this process.
  15. Good read When people are rich enough to bend the economy to their own will, they are too rich
  16. Good stuff. About time they figured all this out.
  17. The contrast to that opinion is that as world we have enjoyed a period of being free from child and slave labour for what....maybe 80 years in most first world countries. That is such a small window considering some form of economy has been humming along for 100s of years. Think of kings and serfs etc... So there is also a strong argument to be made that with decreasing labor standards, the elimination of unions, stagnant wages and the consolidation of wealth that we are moving back towards a world where everyone is here to serve the rich few and they control all the mechanisms that mak
  18. I disagree. These are big international companies paying them, not local companies (I understand the big use local contractors to avoid any responsibility). You're tell me we can't demand nike use a factory that doesn't lock the doors and has no open windows and people literally die at their chair? Give me a break. https://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2013/04/30/extreme-pricing-at-what-cost-retailer-joe-fresh-sends-reps-to-bangladesh-as-death-toll-rises/?sh=7e971f025b83 I think it would be very easy to implement. Harder to enforce. But you might get positive outcomes just b
  19. It's so odd that they can't see even their own stupidity reflected when speaking (or typing as it were)
  20. How about enacting labor standards for products sold in this country?
  21. Two things 1. Child labor is one thing. Locking doors, chaining people up, having no safety standards is all another 2. Contrary to Tim's thoughts this still starts with us. It's not an either or situation. There can be still be standards that we demand for products sold in our country.
  22. Exactly It's all fine for cheap everything else but when it comes to climate change it's just oh so wrong Cheap socks isn't going to drastically change the planet we live on in the next 30 years.
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