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  1. About 10 is right...you could do it with 8 or so if everyone is high level, but 10 seems to be the number. We did 6 legendary raids yesterday coordinating with different groups around the area. Probably the most fun I had since the first week the game came out!
  2. Her text is a very good thing...I'd replace hug with #### and it makes perfect sense in context. The "terrible judgment" phrase is about trying not to appear too slutty. I'd probably text back something along the lines of "It's not the most inappropriate thing I could think of". Either that, or "Not at all, that's what friends are for", then invite one of your female friends over to your house and make sure she sees. Since she's into you already, it will probably drive her crazy and be good entertainment for this thread.
  3. Went to a friend's house with the wife after work...we park and start walking towards the house and pull up our sightings list for fun. HFS it's a Dragonite. We speed walk past the house we were going to and start hunting. Get to the T at the end of the block; wife goes left, I go right. I'm still in my work clothes, but I'm breaking into a light jog. I get to the next cross street and get a text from my wife that it disappeared from her sightings, but it's still on mine so I know it's close. Due to the distance it has been on my sightings list, I make a snap decision and turn right onto the street that parallels the one we had originally walked down. It's a steep hill, but I'm keeping up my jog/half sprinting pace. About halfway up the hill, I feel a vibration and, can it be? There he is! I lock onto him and hurry out and pull out my work phone, log myself out and log my wife in, and lock on to it for her as well. I walk back down the hill when a car pulls up and rolls down the window. I'm assuming he's going to ask me about the Dragonite, but it turns out he is a co-worker who happens to live in the same area and saw me running up the hill. I tell him we're meeting some friends and I got turned around and I'm running late, all the while holding the two phones in my hand trying to act cool. He asks the address and tells me I'm only a block away and do I want a ride because I look like I'm out of breath. I politely decline and he drives on, and I walk the rest of the way to my wife. I hand her the phone and we both get down to business! We check the CPs of the Dragonite for the first time -- mine is a 2252! Huge! Hers is only in the 1600s despite the fact that she is only one level lower than me, but it is still a strong Dragonite! I drop a raspberry and throw the first Ultra Ball -- it hits, but no throw bonus. The ball shakes a few times and it breaks out! Lucky her, my wife catches hers on the first try. Undaunted, I drop another raspberry and go with another curveball -- this time it's a direct hit, with a Great Throw bonus. My heart is pounding as the ball shakes once, twice, and then three times, then locks! Got it! Overall it's 80% IV and good moveset, so I'm pretty happy! We finally make it to our friend's house, who as it turns out had seen us pull up and were wondering what was taking us so long and why I am dripping with sweat. We tried to explain, but I don't think they got it. Anyway, it was probably one of our best Pokemon Go stories so far! Just remember that Dragonite is just around the corner -- and always check your sightings when you drive somewhere new!
  4. Level 23. Wife is a level 22 though and her Dragonite was only 730. When I caught it up it came up as CP ???, so I don't know if when you catch one like that, the CP is somewhat randomly generated. Before that, the highest ones I've gotten in the wild were a level 1400 Slowbro and a level 1300 Golduck.
  5. Caught a 1700 CP Dragonite from my living room couch. Sometimes laziness pays off.
  6. Awesome -- glad you enjoyed the trip! Makes me want to go back!
  7. For us, it was just an employee in a room, which is why the locks on your luggage is so important. There are enough unlocked bags that the thieves will go for the easy scores if/when it comes to that. Even a simple lock is enough of a deterrent.
  8. We stored our luggage at Naples without a problem early in the day and picked it up later in the day. Pompeii might be too small of a station to store your luggage at, though, if you were trying to store there instead of Naples. Obviously if you go this route, I would make sure your luggage is locked. For money, I used an ATM and withdrew like $500 Euros at a time with my bank card when I landed an the airport in Rome, then restocked as needed. I didn't have any issues doing it this way.
  9. What about doing the Accademia on day 1 instead? It's basically just Michelangelo's David (there's other stuff too, but not nearly the depth as there is at the Uffizi). It might be a good way to not lose a day but see something a little less intense.
  10. I agree it looks ripe for gowipe. I've never done one myself so take that for what it's worth. But getting through the only wall should be easy. You probably won't get 50%, and there are probably 4 max teslas between that southern entry point and the TH. I think it would be incredibly unlikely for TH8 level troops, but if you are willing to take the chance you should do it! /Moroder Yeah, teslas will probably screw me. But I feel more likely that I can get one there that I can get an additional star anywhere else. Plus it should be fun PS if anyone has a level 3 pekka that they can give me in the next 1.5 hours, let me know! Turns out the answer was yes, yes I am crazy
  11. It doesn't help the cause to throw a useless dragon attack. Much better served for the clan to loot 6 or 8 and get the loot and let someone who has a shot at 3 stars get the three stars. It's bull####. You could still get that 3rd star... Just think of it as scouting to show you where the air bombs and teslas were
  12. Culd I get why you're upset...it's a tough situation because you'd been pretty much calling out your +5, and you had to wait for your BK upgrades. I don't know what to tell you...it's just some people aren't quite as in tune with everything that is going on in the forum / chat and might miss it. But it's tough when it happens so late in the day, especially with a bunch of other people who #18 was their only real chance to help the cause.
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