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  1. Gave- 1.8, 3.12, Kelvin Benjamin Got- Wentz, Ajayi, Aaron Jones, Funchess
  2. 1) Agree with those above that 2.1 alone was an overpay for Blount. 2) I'd rather have the first by a decent amount. 3) I'd gamble that Hill is more than a gadget player at that cost. I wonder how long the owner has been playing dynasty though? The first trade combined with the fact that he's dealing all of his '18 picks would have me worried that if he was new to dynasty, that he wasn't gonna have the patience needed to stick it out.
  3. I'd take the side of the team getting 1.2 by a good margin.
  4. .5 PPR Team A gives- 1.7, D. Parker, 2017 2nd Team B gives- 1.1
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