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  1. Quest is turning results around in 24 hours. A coworker was tested yesterday and she found out it was positive today. I was tested after her results came back and am hopeful I'll hear before the weekend is over. In the meantime, I'm isolated in my bedroom with a pizza, 2 apples, 2 oranges, a box of protein bars, a bag of chips and a case of water which my wife was kind enough to set up for me when I called her with the news.
  2. Here's a story getting a lot of attention right now in Buffalo. https://buffalonews.com/2019/10/24/lloyd-taco-apologizes-for-serving-lunch-at-federal-prison-in-batavia/
  3. Dealt Engram for Ridley in a Dynasty. Still have Waller and Andrews.
  4. Plutotv has launched a 24/7 Bond channel for the leadup to Bond 25. 18 of the movies are in the rotation... Can assume the original Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again don't make the cut but it doesnt say which of the other 6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2019/08/pluto-tv-preps-24-7-james-bond-pop-up-channel-ahead-of-new-movie-launch-1202708426/amp/
  5. To me there is a distinction with a clear difference. Found "Not Guilty" means evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt was absent whereas "Proven False" would mean evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt was present. Because the presumption flips, I would think would be a large hurdle to clear to go from being found Not Guilty to then jump to Proven False.
  6. Just wanted to say that I'm not sure how much of the data from those studies is still relevant as it is all pre-2014 which is when the EHR mandate went into effect. To give you an idea, the organization I work for has a Billing and Coding staff of 5 FTE for 30 providers. Also, I can also say that while EHR systems have leaned out many operational support functions, as a NYS Article 28 facility that receives Federal 330 funding, any savings is being offset by increases in Compliance and Regulatory costs. I know it's cliche to say but it really is true....whenever you're designing a heal
  7. We did square dancing in gym class all 4 years of high school in New York. It would start right after Thanksgiving and go until Christmas Break. The last day of school before break, the entire afternoon was a hoedown competition with a bunch of teachers as judges. I graduated in 2000.
  8. I haven't tried Expedite but we have been using a different IPTV, onesteptv, for the past several months. I posted a bit about it in the DirecTV thread. Most of the IPTVs I've seen are offering similar products at this point with the differences being the quality of the Customer Service, the number of devices, and the guide/interfaces. Onestep has definitely been solid for us so far. More channels than we'll ever watch, all the sports packages, PPV events, premium movie channels and a huge on demand library on up to 4 devices for $25/month. We're using fire sticks. I also went
  9. We use the Telegram App at my work to notify employees of closings, etc. You create a group, send the link to everyone and then can set it so that no one else can reply, so it doesnt muddy up the communications.
  10. I wish I could be of more help. I'm definitely a novice when it comes to cord cutting though. I will say if you are watching your DirecTV picture in 4k, I definitely think it's possible you'd see a quality difference as I dont think any of the channels have that high a resolution. The way IPTV works, you are watching someone else's screen who is broadcasting the channel to the service, so the quality will be capped by whatever the person streaming has.
  11. I'm only a couple months in but I haven't come across anything deal breaking yet. We dont have a DVR anymore, which took some getting used to, but shows are typically available in the On-Demand library within 1 day. The thing that annoys me the most is being limited by the buttons on the FireStick remote; although you can get the FireStick Remote app on your phone which does work a little better. There are also a bunch of channels that show up on the guide that I have no interest in watching and there isnt a way to filter them out. But, as far as content and price, the service can't be bea
  12. How big is your TV and what is your internet speed? Our main TV is 60" and we have probably the slowest FIOS speed they offer. There's been a couple times watching NFL games that things get pixelated but I've never noticed it watching anything else including NBA games, UFC fights and movies/shows. Im glad you tried it out though. I know there are a bunch of other service providers like Streamz, GNR and Insight that you could try out as well.
  13. If you're looking for the "Sunday ticket experience" but don't want to have to go through DirecTV, I'd say IPTV is going to be your best option. The quality is good, Its been reliable 99% of the time this season and you still have a guide like what you're used to with DirecTV/cable. The only other option I'm aware of is Reddit streams or something like that. The other thing I forgot to include is that it also includes Netflix exclusive content, YouTube exclusive, Amazon exclusive etc. I do have a couple friends who are running IPTV and kept a basic version of cable/DirecTV mostly
  14. I left DirevTV after 12 years a couple months back. If you don't mind paying ~$25/month, Id recommend using an IPTV provider. I use onesteptv and you get about 600 channels, including Sunday ticket with red zone, the mlb, NBA and nhl packages, all premium movie channels, as well as all PPV events included. You also get a huge on demand library with just about every movie and every episode of every TV show that you can think of. You can do a one day free trial, you just don't get the premium content during the trial. It's easy to setup as well, get a Firestick, download the app NoraGo and
  15. Ya, so I was looking at the Mother's Facebook page and her most recent status is "Home cooked meals are for guys who eat ***** and help pay bills". I was showing my wife and told her the same thing, that this kid is 3 years old and sadly, he probably has about a 10% chance.
  16. Around here, private prek is about 4k a year and it runs from 8am-3pm. Throw in the after school latchkey program and you end up with a lot of parents using it as a cheaper form of all day child care as opposed to daycare.
  17. Thanks. This was the conversation I ended up having with them. I asked the 4 year old what he was doing when the other kid was grabbing his brother.... His response, "I stood there and watched". I asked him why he didn't do something if he saw the other kid was hurting his brother and he said "I didn't want to make him sad". I then went into what you said and basically told him that I would expect him to tell the other kid to stop hurting his brother.
  18. I decided to do some looking into the kid's parents. The first thing I find is an article from 2.5 years ago detailing the Mother's arrest in a prostitution sting. Apparently, she brought the boy along, who was a baby at the time, and left him in the bathroom while she turned the tricks. It's not like I was blaming the kid for the behavior before, I assumed but it was a biproduct of his environment, but now I'm really feeling bad for him. I can only imagine what this kid has been through. But, that also doesn't mean I think his behavior should just be excused. I appreciate the
  19. So, my two boys are 3 and 4 and go to a private school that starts with Pre-K 3 and runs through 8th grade. The boys are in separate classes but have recess together. We got an email from our 3 year old's teacher today that there was a scuffle on the playground. Apparently, my four year old was playing with a ball when a 3 year old came over and tried to take it from him. My 3 year old spoke up and said that his brother was playing with the ball. The other boy then proceeded to grab my 3 year old's face and start squeezing it, scratching him in a couple places. So, the teacher was emaili
  20. Has anyone tried onesteptv or a similar IPTV? I tried a search but couldn't find anything. I'm new to cordcutting but thus far, the product seems far superior to DirecTV for only $25/month for 4 devices. I was concerned about the legality but everything I could find said than there was nothing illegal about streaming IPTV. I keep reading the fine print or waiting for a catch to pop up, but thus far, I haven't found anything.
  21. I was playing one on one football against my 8 year old nephew. I smoked him on the stop and go but the Quarterback gave me a ball that led me a bit too far outside. I watched the ball into my hands, oblivious to the row of bushes that are soon to befell me. I stepped on a softball sized rock bordering the bushes, lost my balance, stumbled, and fell over/through the waist-high bushes. My bruised ribs hurt but my bruised ego hurt much more as I lost control of the ball when I put my hands down trying to break my fall.
  22. Wife and I are about 2 months in to our new Helix and we both have nothing but positive things to say. We took the quiz and decided to blend as opposed to splitting the mattress. She's a side sleeper and Im a stomach sleeper and it's soft but supportive, just like we had hoped for. For the first time in years Im waking up without an aching back.
  23. Gave- 1.8, 3.12, Kelvin Benjamin Got- Wentz, Ajayi, Aaron Jones, Funchess
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