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  1. Always room for one more if they don’t include Pip’s just-missed ones, but personally I’d rather see someone start up a different year. Rumor has it that a preliminary list of 400 songs has already been prepared and can be pared down to 100 by next month. The final 100 may include 5-6 songs on Pip's list of missed cuts, but I could inquire about having them replaced.
  2. So.....does anyone have plans for a fourth countdown of 100 songs from 1969? If not.....I might know of a guy who might be interested. The countdown couldn't start for about two weeks, though.
  3. Welcome back. If he produces at half this rate for the rest of the season, he will have been worth the wait.
  4. JaMarcus Russell may have been a bust, but his stats in his first year as a starter (77.1 passer rating, good TD/INT ratio) are an indication that he at least had enough talent to stick around for a few years as a backup. Manziel, on the other hand, looks like a complete and total fraud. He has no idea what to do on an NFL football field.
  5. Couch over McNabb and Culpepper Spergon Wynn over Brady Weeden over Wilson and Foles ...and now Manziel over Bridgewater. How much are Browns fans expected to take? Can't really blame them for passing on Brady, since every team in the league passed on Brady for the first 5 rounds (including the Patriots). I was going to make a comment about Cleveland making terrible picks at quarterback, but when I browsed through all the NFL drafts of the past 10 years, I realized that Cleveland made terrible picks at nearly EVERY position. They just suck at drafting.
  6. I think Manziel isn't far behind you here. Seriously, can we just call this a career already? It's going to end no better than Couch, just some hotter tail hanging round until he's out. That's kind of an insult to Tim Couch. I don't forsee Johnny Football sticking around for 5+ seasons.
  7. I want to party with Johnny. I'm self-employed so I don't have to worry about getting fired the next day.
  8. Guess what you forgot to mention about Peyton's first 4 games? How about 992 yards. Let's check back after Week 17 and see if Manziel has half that many playing against weaker defenses.
  9. Maybe, but I'd like to see the list of recent rookies who played this poorly in their first start. I wonder how many of them ended up being decent players. well, john elways first game starting he went 1-8 for 14 yards and a pick. next game was 9-21 for 104. and next game was 18-33 for 193 yards with 1 td and 2 picks. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/E/ElwaJo00/gamelog/1983/ even andrew luck had 3 picks and 1 tds. 309 yards too. montanas first start was 5-12 for 36 yards. steve young started his career 72-138 for 935, with 3 tds and 8 ints. generally, qbs struggle a ton in thei
  10. Maybe, but I'd like to see the list of recent rookies who played this poorly in their first start. I wonder how many of them ended up being decent players.
  11. what a total gutless punk. if a black player said something so weakminded he would get destroyed by the media. What does Joe Thomas' skin color have to do with anything?
  12. Tim Tebow is a better football player with much more upside than Manziel. That is a proven, undisputable fact. The Browns need to trade Manziel and sign Tebow if they want a serious chance at a playoff run. How many playoff games has Manziel won?? Tim Tebow is a proven playoff producer. That fact simply cannot be ignored.
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