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  1. Why are you always working in ad hominem attacks? Does that really make you feel like a winner? Your Homeboy is a shill and he is trying to draw a conclusion that is not sustainable with known facts. He is exaggerating the connection between Trump and Russia. You don't read it as verbal gymnastics because you want everything he is implying to be correct. But it is BS...
  2. You said "to work against our interest"... I asked you for a link proving he was working against our interest. Unless by "our interest" you meant 'Ukraine's Interest'. you failed to prove that statement. You haven't proven that he was working against our interest, that's hyperbole. It appears that Manafort's firm was hired by a foreign government for PR and lobbying. Whats the problem with that? As long as he isn't working specifically against the US... At one point My company was hired to work at the Duke mansion, does that mean I was working against the interests of my own home? Does that mean that I'm going to work on Duke Mansion and pledge allegiance there for the rest of my life? When the contract is over, I am no longer working there, and hopefully my home still loves me.
  3. I'm wounded that you would say such things. Please tell me that this is not what you truly feel in your heart.
  4. You have an endearing cherubial nature that warms the heart. Please tell your sister I said hello.
  5. Was very measured in his wording to frame it so that one would believe that there is evidence that the trump team colluded with Russians when in fact he doesn't know if their is or not. He tries to paint a guilty picture without the guilty paint. I don't have to link his statements for you, they are already linked in this thread time and time again.
  6. You're right, hes not a shill, and you aren't either. And in other news Danielle Bregoli has a bright future in astrophysics.
  7. You're out of your mind, he laid down some pretty partisan hyperbolic ramblings today
  8. Rand Paul Justin Amash are 2 that I pay more attention to. They seem to work outside of the typical red/blue team party politics. There are more, but those 2 I follow specifically.
  9. Once you imply that I'm a pedophile, there is no more room for conversation between you and I about pizzagate, Trump, taxes, or anything else. If that's acceptable in your mind, then you obviously need to reevaluate. I have to assume there are no young people in your life, that you have no children, etc. Or maybe you are just too young and immature? How else could you excuse throwing around such egregious accusations? Nothing short of an apology from you would be an acceptable next step in this discussion. Without that, we have nothing left to talk about.
  10. I personally think Trump is making a mockery of American politics (with ALOT of help from democrats and the media) and I would much rather have him ousted and see Pence take over, though I'm not a pence fan either... When I step back and take a look at the big picture, I still believe both the left and right are destroying the country, but there is a contingent on the right that stands out to me right now as the only group behaving like what I'd expect and would want to see out of a politician. I'm more hoping that they burn it down and we can rebuild Washington with a different system. One that includes less party politics and more acceptance for individual thought.
  11. I'm confused? Its pretty clear what you were implying, and you crossed the line.
  12. You haven't read enough text to talk messages and typos to figure that out? At the very least you've done a word scramble worksheet in elementary school right?
  13. You accuse someone you don't know of twisted deprave garbage, and then in the next post try to use the word "logic"
  14. Trumps tax returns are more important to you than child sex trafficing and rape if a dem is involved?
  15. I think you may be confused about your position here if you are calling out 'trolls' You want to comment on the guilty plea rapist politician? Hmm? Probably not since hes on the blue team right...
  16. Exactly Lets see what comes of the Edgar Maddison Welch plea bargin.
  17. The fact that some of you will do everything in your power to avoid condemning this sick rapist ####, because he is a democrat, speak volumes.
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