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  1. I would definitely recommend checking out the Highlands neighborhood and walking along Tennyson Street. Hops and Pie is a great place to start and will have one of the best tap lists in town throughout GABF. You can walk along Tennyson to several breweries (Call to Arms, DeSteeg, Hogshead) and lots of good restaurants. The Lower Highlands (LoHi) neighborhood has some cool stuff too. I'd recommend checking out Avanti, which is a food truck collective with like 8 different restaurants in one space with a solid tap list and the best rooftop views of the city skyline. Forest Room 5 is one of my favorite bars in Denver with its outdoor firepits and is right by Avanti. There are a lot of great restaurants in that area, including Root Down, Old Major, Uncle, Bar Dough, and Highland Tap and Burger. The area along Broadway and the Uptown neighborhood along 17th Street would probably be my other neighborhood recommendations. Black Project is a wild spontaneous fermentation brewery on South Broadway, which makes some great beers. Dos Santos on 17th Street in Uptown is my favorite place for tacos in the city.
  2. I don't drink a lot of ciders, but they do some really nice dry, barrel-aged ciders at Stem Ciders. One of the owners told me that they aimed to make ciders that weren't overly sweet and that allowed them to showcase a range of different barrels. I really enjoy some of their bourbon barrel-aged ciders. There's a lot of other great stuff around Stem Ciders, which would make it a good place to check out while you're in town. I really like Ratio Brewing, Finn's Manor, First Draft, Beryl's Brewing, and Crema Coffee House, which all within a couple blocks of Stem.
  3. The What the Funk!? festival was great last night. It's hosted by Crooked Stave's distribution company and features a great selection of rare sour and barrel-aged beers. They got a lot of criticism last year for overselling the event and for beers running out quickly, but they did a great job addressing those issues, as it wasn't too crowded and nearly all of the beers poured all night. Here were some of my standouts: Ale Apothecary Minotaur dark sour aged in bourbon and cabernet barrels with blackberries Allagash Avancè sour ale aged in bourbon barrels with strawberries Cantillon Kriek Casey Apricot Casey Family Preserves saison aged in oak barrels with apricots Fonta Flora Carolina Custard wild ale with paw paw fruit Fremont Rusty Nail bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with cinnamon, licorice, and smoked barley Jester King Montmorency v. Balaton barrel-aged sour with cherries Powder Keg Fruitful Union golden sour with peaches and raspberries Prairie Pirate Paradise imperial stout aged in rum barrels with toasted coconut and vanilla Rare Barrel Map of the Moon golden sour aged in oak barrels with apricots Rare Barrel Afterlight dark sour aged in Bordeaux wine barrels Surly Barrel Aged Darkness imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels
  4. Haha. We barely missed each other at the Pizza Port OB anniversary party. We should definitely grab some beers in Denver this week. I haven't been to the Bottlefest event at First Draft before, but it sounds pretty legit. Tickets are only $10, and you get a certain number of tokens to use for pours of rare beers. They are apparently going to have bottles from Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, Hill Farmstead, Jester King, Casey, Tilquin, Lawson's, and more. You can buy tickets for a particular time slot at this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bottlefest-2016-sponsored-by-tavour-tickets-27687326539
  5. As always, I'll post a running tab of my favorite beers of GABF week.
  6. I had a nice weekend of beer drinking the other weekend in Chicago. My favorite place was Local Option, which had the best tap list that I saw in town. I also went to Hopleaf, Green Lady, the Publican, Bar on Buena, Fountainhead, Dryhop Brewers, and Whiskey Business. I found some 23 Year Old Pappy Van Winkle at Bar on Buena and had a nice pour of that, which I proceeded to spill all over the bar when I accidentally knocked my Founders Breakfast Stout over (while sober). I lapped it up like a dog off the bartop and snorted as much as I could of the Pappy. I figured it would probably be my only opportunity to snort Pappy, and I couldn't let those 23 years go to waste. The combination of Pappy and Founders Breakfast Stout off the bartop was actually quite lovely. I think the bartender pitied the depths of my depravity, so he ended up giving me another pour of Pappy for free. I've always loved Bar on Buena.
  7. Great American Beer Festival week is here! The best week of beer drinking in the world. Wahoo! I'm going to four beer festivals over the next five days including What the Funk?!? tonight, GABF Opening Night on Thursday, Denver Rare Beer on Friday, and GABF Members Only session on Saturday. Huge thanks to the @TheAristocrat for hooking me up with some tickets to the GABF Members Only session! Here is a link to my personal GABF calendar of top events going on in Denver this week.
  8. Some of you guys might enjoy my "Dope Modern Rap" playlist on Spotify. Just a collection of rap that I've come across over the past few years that I like.
  9. I'm staying in Lakeview with a friend, but I don't feel limited by the neighborhood. I'll go anywhere for good beer.
  10. Terrible idea! Don't even think about sharing this thread! You'll reverse all the benefits of being the cool, slow-playing neighbor and become the lonely creep next door that posts on messageboards looking for advice to pick up women from a bunch of middle-aged computer nerds. Her friends' words, not mine.
  11. I'm headed to Chicago next weekend for the first time since I moved from there five years ago. It seems like the beer scene has matured a lot over the past five years. Pipeworks didn't even exist when I left there. Any of you Chicago guys have recommendations for the best spots in town for top-notch beer selections? I've read some good stuff about Local Option, Bangers and Lace, and Links Taproom. Some of my old hangouts in Chicago were the Map Room, Hopleaf, Bar on Buena, Revolution, and Half Acre. Thanks!
  12. Blasphemy! I think El-P is one of the great producers of our time. The beats on Killer Mike's R.A.P. Music album, RTJ, and RTJ2 are insane. I assume that you are referencing El-P's diss of Sole on "Linda Tripp." His use of the audio of Sole saying "I wanna be down" and "No, I don't think you sound very scared" after Sole released his El-P diss is pretty hilarious.
  13. I wanted an excuse to use some herbs from my garden, so I used a combination of Italian parsley, oregano, and basil. I just blended the herbs up in a food processor with olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, crushed red pepper, salt, and fresh ground pepper. The chimichurri was great inside of the potato.
  14. I picked up some inch and a half thick prime New York strips from Costco the other day. They were beautiful pieces of meat. I grilled them up and served them with chimichurri made with herbs from my garden and grilled potatoes. Do you guys ever grill potatoes? It's my new favorite way to cook potatoes. I wrap the potatoes in foil covered in olive oil, salt, and pepper; grill them for about 45 minutes; stuff them with various combinations of butter, cheese, bacon, jalapeños, and herbs; and then throw them back on the grill for another 5 minutes or so. The potato skin gets nice and crispy, which I think makes a great vessel for eating the buttery, cheesy mashed potato interior. It's so good.
  15. Alpha King was my regular go-to beer when I lived in Chicago. Just don't get too high and look too deep into the Alpha King's eyes. That guy is freaky.
  16. Thanks for ruining my tattoo boner. Nothing less sexy than kids and the Bible.
  17. I just watched Tom Segura's "Mostly Stories" set, and I thought it was pretty hilarious. I definitely recommend it.
  18. I saw Prophets of Rage at Red Rocks on Wednesday night. It was a great show. I thought B-Real from Cypress Hill did a nice job filling in for Zach de La Rocha's vocals, and Tom Morello ripped some sick guitar solos. It was a nostalgic evening of Making America Rage Again.
  19. I still think you're killing it, Nate Dogg. You've built the sexual tension up to a palpable level. There's no doubt that it is going to pay off. That "I want to be embraced by you immediately" feeling isn't burning out anytime soon. Pushing too hard or a kiss of your new neighbor makes you just like every other creeper guy. Cooking dinner together, playing with your kids together, and sharing deeply personal life experiences -- that's a level of interpersonal intimacy that goes far beyond an awkward, forced kiss. The Friend Zoners are misreading the situation based on their own experiences getting "friend-zoned" because they weren't seen as true boyfriend material for their love interest. That's clearly not the situation here. The neighbor situation changes the game. You can't bang your neighbor and then tell them that you are still married post-coitus. Too many consequences. Consequences that Marisa clearly recognizes, which we should take as a sign that she is more sane than a lady that would bang a new neighbor at a backyard BBQ because he splurged on aged cheddar over American. It's undeniable that there is mutual interest and affection and unique shared life experiences, and you're both wisely being cautious about it considering the circumstances. But the fact that she is thinking about the appropriateness of a hug suggests that she has been thinking of doing far more inappropriate neighborly things to you. It's just a matter of time as long as you don't do something incredibly stupid, which I think is unlikely as long as you continue to follow your gut over the advice of middle-aged dudes who are impatiently awaiting another masturbatory tale until AZ Ron encounters another downtrodden broad in need of a few racks. The saddest part about it all is that the Colonel is going to be so in love by the time that he finally gives the rear axle to Ms. Vito, we'll never actually get the sexy details. ####, we'll be lucky to get a .
  20. When the Saints fan from rural Cajun country has a better grasp of the English language than you, you're not really in a place to criticize.
  21. I agree with you. I don't think that coffee instead of lunch is anything negative. It's a good first step in establishing a one-on-one relationship sans kids without being too aggressive. I think our hero has been playing it perfectly so far.
  22. Looks great! Thanks for sharing the results of your noble experiment!
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