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  1. IMO, there are basically 2 methods of moderation which will create a respectful environment of thriving, mostly happy posters: 1. light-handed approach, relying largely on warnings and short suspensions, with the ultimate goal of correcting the behavior of nonconforming posters. 2. heavy-handed approach, with the ultimate goal of just eliminating nonconforming posters. Both methods can be effective. Obviously, method #2 will lead to a much smaller user base, but such result could be considered to be a feature (not a bug) depending on your point of view.
  2. That's a reasonable argument. What do you propose as fair punishment for repeat offenders of the policy? More of the same? Just take down the offending video again, but let them go ahead and repost it again and again and again, each time it simply gets removed until the next time it is reposted?
  3. Speaking of juvenile and misrepresenting what people say. I get you guys don't like opinions that go against the liberal orthodoxy in this forum, but try harder next time. If you have a point, make it. Don't mock. You misrepresented what FreeBaGeL wrote. Why? Did you think it was the only way that you could "win" whatever point you were trying to make? Were you just being disingenuous, arguing in bad faith because there's no "good faith" counter to what he wrote? Or did you misread what he wrote entirely? I noticed that you did it with my post as well. Why assume that
  4. Yeah, we get it. As long as you can misrepresent what other people write, it's OK. C'mon man, are you serious with this?
  5. Tight Ends are not Wide Receivers. Wide Receivers are not Tight Ends. If you have to combine the two positions to prove a point, then the point is not worth proving. It's either a fishing attempt or a last desperate grasp to win an illogical argument.
  6. The argument from Trump supporters seems to be "Everyone tells lies on social media, but it's unfair that only Trump supporters get suspended for it." Which is a bit like saying "Everyone has broken the law, but it's unfair that only convicted murderers get executed for it."
  7. I realize that victories have been few and far between for Trump supporters recently, so I kind of understand the idea of disproportionately cheering for any shred of a win, no matter how small. But celebrating a United States military officer who lied to the government and admitted to it? Why be proud of that? Why die on that hill? Just take the W and quietly move on.
  8. I think the Democrats have a chance if they can do the following: 1. use the words of Trump (and his staffers) to sow mistrust and apathy. 2. emphasize the importance of respecting laws and norms. 3. emphasize how Perdue and Loeffler exploited and downplayed COVID so they could sell stocks and make money while people were dying. 4. connect with African-Americans without pandering to them. 5. keep Joe Biden out of it. But the Democrats will probably botch all of those things and both Republicans will win in a landslide.
  9. Sit back and enjoy the show buddy. We've been sitting back so much, we're getting sick and tired of all the sitting back. Sit back and enjoy eating your words. Absolutely. It won't even be close.
  10. Although I will add that it's pretty disingenuous to basically say "Hey, we're just exploring a strategy that we condemned four years ago." It also tends to reinforce the idea that Republicans are no longer the "law and order" party and that their platform consists of little more than "liberal tears" and "win at any cost."
  11. Oh, I see. The idea was bought up by an unnamed Democrat at one time, so this makes it 'All Good'. Look, there's nothing wrong with acknowledging that there were lots of people — ranging from message board users to prominent politicians — who explored, discussed, and even promoted the idea of using various technicalities to prevent Donald Trump from being inaugurated in 2017. I remember quite a few of those discussions in this very forum. But, as with the Birther conspiracy, there is a huge, huge, huge difference between "floating an idea" and "adopting it as official strategy.
  12. Said exactly zero Republicans in 2000. But hey, times are different now, right? Nuisance lawsuits are all the rage. Who cares if they contain knowingly fabricated evidence, right? It's all good.
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