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  1. Yeah. Its all them...never anything he jas done. What did the President think was going to happen? That all he had to do was "call lawyers" and reversing the election results would be a trivial matter? Guys, this is just Theatre to maintain the base. It allows them to say "He would have won if it wasn't for Sidney Powell Rudy Giuliani."
  2. Give it to Rams at spot of recovery. You can recover the ball after the whistle if it's a "clear recovery."
  3. There doesn’t need to be a concession for her to do her job. What is the official protocol, though? I doubt it's "Wait until the President concedes," but I also doubt that it's "Wait until the first major news network calls the race." So, at what point is the GSA supposed to start releasing funds?
  4. Sounds like Pennsylvania might not certify today because 4 pro-Trump counties aren't finished with their canvassing. That would presumably put Biden at 254 Electors. Nevada would put him at 260 tomorrow. If Pennsylvania isn't wrapped up by next week, then it will be up to Arizona (11 Electors on 11/30) or Wisconsin (10 Electors on 12/1) to finish the job.
  5. Pennsylvania Supreme Court b-slaps Trump campaign, overturning one of their rare lower-court victories from earlier this month. rawstory.com/2020/11/pennsylvania-supreme-court-shoots-down-trumps-lawsuit-and-overturns-one-of-his-wins/
  6. I don't think you can underestimate tribal loyalty, not to mention fear of the socialist boogeyman. I do wonder what is being said behind the scenes, whether the prominent Republicans are urging them to vote Yes or vote No.
  7. In totally unrelated news, General Motors has announced that it will no longer support President Trump's attempt to rollback fuel economy standards, and it has aligned itself with Joe Biden's electric vehicle goals.
  8. Heard on CNN this morning (in the car, didn't see who was talking) that Michigan's governor, Gretchen Whitmer, appoints all members of the state's Board of Canvassers and can also summarily dismiss them at will. So if the two Republicans currently on that board dig in their heels, they can be replaced by the governor. What I don't know is if the Board of Canvassers, by either law or protocol, HAS to have two Democrats and two Republicans or if Whitmer can appoint anyone she likes. The Lawfare article addresses that scenario. Apparently, the Board is required to be bipartisan, and Whi
  9. Gotta give Flores credit for not hiding behind "injury" as an excuse to bench Tua. Not many coaches in the 21st century would have the guts to be that honest about a struggling first round rookie.
  10. Yes. She was actively working to lose the Senate for the GOP. The thing is, I'm not sure Trump cares about that. It is starting to appear that someone stepped in and put the hammer down. I'm really curious what is going on behind the scenes with the GOP. Well, this theory is about to be put to the test, as one of the other lawyers on the Trump Legal Team™ just threw Loeffler and Perdue under the bus: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8976193/Trump-attorney-Lin-Wood-says-Republicans-withhold-votes-Georgia-primary.html
  11. Lawfare had a good analysis: lawfareblog.com/state-laws-governing-trumps-power-grab-michigan TLDR: Biden would file a request with the state Court Of Appeals, and the Court would order the Board Of Canvassers to certify the results. Michigan precedent does not allow the Board Of Canvassers to delay certification; the Board's only role is to count votes. Once Wayne County certified, the Board can't go back and question that certification. I suppose it's possible that the Court would deny Biden's request, or that the Republican board members would resign in protest (apparently they can
  12. It doesn't matter where you line up. All that matters is the position designated by the team. (And Hill has been listed as a QB by the Saints from day one.) At least, that's how it should work. But ESPN decided to arbitrarily designate Hill as a TE despite the fact that A) the Saints have never listed him as a TE; and B) Hill has actually lined up more at WR than he's lined up at TE. They did the same thing with Cordarrelle Patterson. The guy has been a WR his entire career, but because he ran the ball a bunch of times this year, ESPN decided to list him as an RB/WR. Meanwhile, Curti
  13. Basketball players referenced by Carr tonight: "Mamba" "James Harden" "Chris Mullin" "Orlando" (Woodridge?)
  14. That's gonna be close but I think it's a pass. Rivers got that last finger to spin the ball.
  15. At some point the Packers need to start declining these penalties.
  16. That was a classic Mike McCarthy call on 4th down there.
  17. When you're too crazy to be on Rudy Giuliani's team......
  18. Your copypaste and Hitler-quoting shtick might have been justifiable if it didn't come laced with these deliberate attempts to provoke reactions from FBG staff.
  19. Other backup QBs don't play when the starter is on the field. So you can toss that analogy out the window. Again, this is a strange criteria. NFL rules do not stipulate that there can only be one QB on the field at a time. It's not like a player's designated position disappears the moment he takes the field. When a team has a backup kicker who only enters the game to be a holder, do you think that it's wrong for a team to list him as a kicker? Tim Tebow played 132 snaps in 2012 (including several snaps while the starting QB was on the field) and only threw 8 passes. That d
  20. Not at all. The guy has played 46 career games in the NFL, 576 offensive snaps, and thrown 18 passes. Never more than 2 in a game. This is a strange criteria for defining a quarterback. Most backup quarterbacks have a high ratio of snaps-to-passes. The fact that Hill's ratio happens to be higher than other backups does not change the fact that he is a quarterback.
  21. One thing I've noticed about today's social conservatives — at least in terms of Trump supporters — is that they've gradually adopted or accepted numerous progressive stances. They're much more likely to be pro-legalization, pro-adultery, pro-churchlessness, etc. Even their "anti LGBT" stances are more like "pro-LGBT but not in my face." Of course they're still "pro life" but it's no longer a top-5 election issue to them. I'm not sure how that shakes out for the future of the party, though. I assume that there are still some Christian Republicans who oppose immorality within their party,
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