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  1. Free BAD and self-serving advice for sure. I agree that the liberals' suggestion to wear a mask was self-serving. But, it would have had the added benefit of sweeping President Trump into a 2nd term in landslide fashion. He would have been hailed as a conquering hero who saved the country. Instead, he's a national embarrassment and a sore loser, and his party has become a shambolic disgrace.
  2. So he used to be a QB. Okay. That's not been his position in the NFL. Are you fishing? Is this shtick?
  3. An even better question: when was he ever a Quarterback? Only in high school, 5 seasons of college, his NFL draft profile, and (as far as I can tell) every single mention of him on the official Saints website. It's as if ESPN made up the "Tight End" thing out of thin air.
  4. This is a good point. Liberals are giving way too much free advice to Republicans, and I don't like it one bit.
  5. Are you sure THAT is how this works? It's up to the world to prove that Powell is incorrect? Well, that's not how it works in court. But it is a very effective strategy in the world of fundraising and base-energizing.
  6. I'm a little punchy today....what do you mean by that? The Electoral College caused Democrats to ignore the very people who think the Electoral College is a good idea. If the EC didn't exist, Democrats would have to try to earn the vote of every citizen. But as it stands now, the Democrats only have to try to earn the votes of the ~25 most populous states.
  7. I think he should but won't. But that precedent was set in the last inauguration when most of the Dem members of Congress didn't attend. This is incorrect. There were around 70 Democratic members of Congress who declined to attend Trump's inauguration. That's not "most." Heck, it's not even half. Also, it wasn't a precedent. There were at least 20 Republicans who skipped Obama's inauguration. And the record for most absences is believed to be held by Richard Nixon, when 80+ members of Congress skipped his inauguration. I would also argue that it's disingenuous to use t
  8. This is a byproduct of the Electoral College, by the way.
  9. That’s a given. What I think should happen is anyone found clearly lying on these affidavits should be charged with perjury like they should be. From what I've seen, very few of the affidavits contain lies. I know that mine didn't, for example. It's pretty easy (and legal) (and truthful) to "solemnly swear"......that you saw.....something.......that concerned you.
  10. Huh? It is LITERALLY ensconced in the US Constitution Yes, many undemocratic concepts were ensconced in the Constitution.
  11. Candidates would focus only on the huge population centers instead of a broad range of states. I don't recall Georgia, Arizona, Nevada as being battle ground states in 2016. Focusing on just a few areas each and every time would be disastrous for the country. Arizona and Nevada were indeed battleground states in 2016. It's true that the names of battleground states may gradually shift over time, but that doesn't change the fact that the Electoral College allows Presidential candidates to practically ignore deep red or deep blue states. No matter the system, Idaho will be ignor
  12. It would be kind of funny if he scheduled a rally across the street.
  13. Some updates on the process: 5 states have certified for Biden so far (46 EV). if we assume that all of the "solid blue" states will certify for Biden (NM, MN, DC, CO, WA, OR, CT, IL, NY, NJ, MD, CA, HI, RI), that gets his total up to 235. Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Maine are scheduled to certify on Monday. That would put Biden at 274. At that point it wouldn't matter if the Republican governments of Wisconsin, Arizona or New Hampshire tried to pull any shenanigans with their certification process. if Michigan fails to certify, then Biden would be temporarily stuck at
  14. I'll give you credit for not posting a giant wall of text this time. edit: GUESS NOT! The circle is closing in, though. The cries of "BUT DOMINION!" will get softer and softer as each state certifies while Trump and his supporters have nothing to show for their litigational efforts.
  15. Wouldn't it be more effective if the message was projected onto the building on the other side of the street?
  16. The judge's comments hit right at the core of something that we often see from conspiracy theorists in general, and from Trump supporters specifically. "The fact that your process for obtaining these affidavits yielded affidavits that you yourself found to be false, does not support a finding that this process generates reliable evidence." These lawyers knew that a significant portion of their affidavits were junk, but they (presumably) believed that if they just omitted the worst of the bunch, then the judge would obviously accept all of the others. It's like they didn't even consid
  17. This is ridiculous. With the advent of technology and politicians being able to reach every citizen now through multiple forms of media it is no longer relevant. I think the original point of the EC is that the Founders didn't want the government to be directly influenced by "every citizen," as those people were fickle and too easily swayed by populist ideas. So, they created a system that watered down the democratic process. The President would be selected by a group of autonomous Electors. The Electors would be selected by state legislatures. State legislatures wou
  18. Rudy's son Andrew Giuliani has tested positive for COVID-19. He was at Rudy's press conference yesterday.........
  19. I mean, that whole sequence was completely botched by the refs. The "spike" was clearly a backwards pass and should have been a fumble. BOTCH #1: not recognizing that the spike was a lateral BOTCH #2: blowing the play dead when the ball should have been live BOTCH #3: throwing a flag for intentional grounding BOTCH #4: the 10-second runoff (not necessarily the ref's fault -- did they give Arkansas the opportunity to decline the penalty? If so, then blame their coach)
  20. Maybe Blaine Gabbert? He's still hanging around. Before that.....Trent Dilfer?
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