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  1. Robby Anderson turned into one of the premier deep threats in the NFL last season, finishing 12th in Air Yards (1,487) and sixth in yards accrued on 20-plus-yard targets (408), although his fortunes took a downturn after Josh McCown - who had been the QB8 in scoring between Weeks 1 and 13 - got injured. Baked into Anderson's ADP this year is a series of off-field problems, notably a reckless driving charge (he pleaded no contest) and a confrontation with a police officer, but is the talented but troubled receiver worth a shot? The Jets are devoid of dynamic options in the passing game, and no player on their wide receiver depth chart offers the skill set he does. In short, Anderson has the potential to be everything the Jets hoped former second round pick Devin Smith would become - but can Anderson push on in 2018 and put together a 1,000+-yard campaign? Does the quarterback situation, with McCown entering his age-39 season, concern you? Is this offense one we can truly put our faith in?
  2. This offseason, the Bears brass injected some much-needed speed and playmaking potential into their receiving corps, all in an effort to make life easier for Mitchell Trubisky. An offense that seemed to be in the Stone Age under John Fox now looks like a sleek, sophisticated 21st century machine with new coach Matt Nagy at the controls. Trey Burton was one of the jewels in the crown of the Chicago offseason, coming over from Philadelphia on a four-year contract that will see him play the 'Travis Kelce' role, or U tight end, in Nagy's offense. Spot duty in Philadelphia showed us some glimpses of his potential, but he was always playing second fiddle to Zach Ertz. Now, Burton will be the band leader in Chicago, but how do you see his fortunes panning out in 2018? Key questions include: How does the presence of Adam Shaheen affect his upside, if at all? Are you concerned there are too many mouths to feed in Chicago now? Is Mitchell Trubisky a quarterback you trust to squeeze TE1 value out of Burton? Your feedback would be appreciated.
  3. The Cardinals have undergone something of a face lift this offseason, with a new coach in Steve Wilks and a fresh-faced whizz kid quarterback ready to take the helm of the franchise for the foreseeable future. The return of David Johnson should augur well for this offense's prospects, and we can't forget about the ageless wonder that is Larry Fitzgerald, but Christian Kirk strikes me as a player who could make an immediate impact. Will Kirk's skill set translate to an immediate role in the offense, with any concern over his rookie designation being tossed aside? Or is it a simple fact that the Cardinals can't afford not to have Kirk in the starting line-up due to their dearth of other quality, proven options? How high is Kirk's ceiling, anyway? And which quarterback - Sam Bradford or Josh Rosen - would be best suited to take advantage of the rookie receiver's immense talent? I would be eager to get all of your thoughts.
  4. I can certainly see the argument, especially with the vacuum of talent at RB in Cincinnati at the moment, but I believe this will be a 'pick your poison' 1.1 pick. I'm glad I don't have the 1.1 in any of my leagues.
  5. Most definitely. I have watched every snap of every Panthers game so far this season and I can tell you that Stewart is outplaying Williams, and it's not close. Stewart is running with great power, low pad level and ferocity, punishing defenders for attempting to get in his path. Williams is pedestrian at best, breaking off some decent runs here and there but it is obvious that he lacks the quickness he used to possess.I would be buying on Stewart - Newton will not be the primary rushing threat in this offense in the long term. Chudzinski will, in my opinion, rely on the ground game more in the coming weeks after what happened to the Panthers on Sunday against Tennessee.
  6. Just got through watching all of the Week 2 preseason games so far

  7. Was that inspired by a certain "playoffs" rant?
  8. Hard to say Ryan lost the game for the Falcons when the defense gave up 41 points. The Falcons offense isn't built to come from behind; they're a ball control team without dynamic weapons outside of Roddy White. One bad throw didn't lose the game (and the other INT has more to do with Jenkins falling down than Ryan). Letting Rodgers go 31-36 for 366 yards and three touchdowns lost the game. There's only so much you can expect a quarterback to do.Which is exactly why they need to address this in the offseason to truly take that next step for their offense.
  9. I'm not fully sold on Ryan Williams and I think a lot could change between now and then. A player I really like if he declares is Pitt's Dion Lewis. I'm not saying he would be a top 10 pick, but I would be willing to overpay for him.
  10. What does everyone think of Matt Flynn following his more than competent performance at New England? I realise one game should be taken with a pinch of salt, but clearly the kid has a lot of talent and if nurtured, he could easily become a very good QB. I've heard many people compare him to Matt Schaub when he was in Atlanta and I believe that is a good and fair comparison. I'm actively trying to acquire Flynn in all my leagues. Do you guys think that Flynn is a long term starter elsewhere or will GB do their utmost to hang on to him?
  11. Patience is the key with Ryan Mathews. I know he'll come good eventually. I wasn't able to draft him in any of my leagues, but I would have liked to. His pass protection will undoubtedly improve. The Chargers generally make good decisions on draft day and they wouldn't have taken him that high if they didn't think he could be an absolute workhorse back for them.
  12. Everyone predicted this right?Blount looks like he may be the real deal, but not sure what the offseason brings in Tampa.Ivory is a battering ram that's real fun to watch, but I think he's aided by teams being real concerned about Brees and company. With that said I own him in one league and wouldn't be surprised if he lasts another season in New Orleans after they let Thomas walk, which means he'll make for at worst decent depth.Best - I'm one who believe the turf toe stol his season and would expect him to bounce back. I'd love to buy him cheap, but most of his owners aren't going to sell low.Matthews and Spiller just didn't get the opportunities due to injuries and other players emerging. What are people's thoughts there or overall about this rookie RB class. As of now it's looking like one of the weaker classes. Does it get better next year?I think Best is the real deal and may be the best buy low player in all of fantasy football right now. I believed he was elite coming into the draft, I believed he was elite coming into the season, and his pre-turf toe performances did nothing to change my belief that he will be an elite, dynamic player. I think a lot of people will have watched him play with what can be a crippling injury for a running back and downgrade him, which makes him an excellent player to acquire in the offseason. On top of that, no threat to his job or any goal line work managed to emerge while he has been hurt, meaning he will likely have a full workload to come back to in 2011. This last bit is what worries me about Ryan Mathews, at least in the short to medium term. I liked how he looked and think he looked like a very good player, but worry that he will have lost short yardage work to Tolbert and could end up in some form of a RBBC. I still like him, but he has dropped slightly in my rankings this season whereas Best has not moved down at all.I think that stance on Best is the prudent one right now. I'm a Best owner in one dynasty league and I just can't bring myself to the idea of trading him after recent discussion on the topic in this thread.
  13. It's easy to say that, until you look at the names.If these players were in the same draft class with Best, who would you NOT take over Best? I think Ingram, Green, Blackmon, Jones and LeShore are no-brainers, depending on your starting requirements. Vereen is in range to go late first, like Best. IngramGreenBlackmonJonesLeShoureVereenMurrayFloydBaldwinI tend to agree with this actually. I would gladly take Ingram, Green, Blackmon and maybe even Jones over Jahvid Best in the PPR leagues I play in. I think the first three are the surest bets, and if I got the 1.06 pick from trading Best, I wouldn't be guaranteed a true stud player like those I mentioned, so I may shy away from that deal or make a more aggressive offer if I was really sold on one of those Ingram/Green/Blackmon level talents.
  14. This last one is exactly what I'm trying to do. Talking to teams with the 1.03-1.06 rookie picks about acquiring Best. The deals I'm proposing are Best for a mid-early first and guys like Amendola.I'd be interested to see what kind of responses you were getting from teams in the 1.03-1.06 range about him. Would you mind letting us know? I'm a Best owner too and am debating this same move right now.
  15. Just to let everyone know that John Carlson was dropped in my 12 team offense only dynasty league. I picked him up instantly because I see promise there. He could at least be a backup TE for my team. What do you guys think of Carlson's prospects long term? When Seattle's offense was rolling a couple of years back, Carlson had a 51 reception season. Can he return to form when Seattle addresses the QB situation?
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