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  1. I actually thought the Palat hit on Rasmussen later on was a worse than the one Joseph gave but Palat only got 2 minutes for that one.
  2. Not a great hit on him leading up to it, but you can't go off and sucker punch a guy either. Entertaining game even though the Wings choked it away. I'm actually more optimistic for this season after that game than I was going into the season. When Vrana comes back we might actually have a couple lines that can score goals.
  3. I'm sure the new contractor can get more of the same material
  4. Like how so? I haven't listened to his post game press conferences
  5. Yeah, hard to blame him for the fumble when he got nailed in the head.
  6. 5 wins 49ers LOSS 2. @ Packers (MNF) LOSS 3. Ravens LOSS 4. @ Bears LOSS 5. @ Vikings LOSS 6. Bengals WIN 7. @ Rams LOSS 8. Eagles WIN 9. BYE 10. @ Steelers LOSS 11. @ Browns LOSS 12. Bears (Thanksgiving) WIN 13. Vikings WIN 14. @ Broncos LOSS 15. Cardinals LOSS 16. @ Falcons WIN 17. @ Seahawks LOSS 18. Packers LOSS
  7. I sure hope you're right but imo the offense is going to stink and the second level of the defense still needs significant upgrades. Until/unless Goff can prove he can throw the deep ball, and our unproven WRs can actually get open and catch them, opposing defenses are going to stack the box and double Hockenson.
  8. I was sure this was Johnny Dangerously, but I was wrong.
  9. From a FF perspective it's going to really suck if he's not listed as "Out" since you can't even stash him on IR or anything.
  10. Not trying to be a jerk or anything, but since there is already a Sony Michel thread shouldn't this just go there?
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