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  1. Barry Sanders disagrees* Not that I'm saying Carter is anywhere the same back as Sanders was.
  2. He definitely might be, but we don't know that for sure yet. We definitely do with Perrine.
  3. Wouldn't going to court end in money anyway? Assuming civil, not criminal. I guess if they want to make sure he's found guilty in a civil trial OK, but sounds like posturing at this point.
  4. The reason, imo, that Belichick proteges don't work is because they try to instill Patriots culture from the start and it just doesn't work that way. It's been a slow build to get to where Belichick is, and the OCs and DCs that come out of there don't have same respect level.
  5. Lets not pretend that Goff has got a bunch of weapons this year though. This Lions team is not going to be good and I don't expect a middle level QB to be able to pull up the whole roster or anything.
  6. Agree, Goff is not as good as Stafford, but Stafford is in the top 1/3 of QBs, maybe even top 10. But being a Detroit fan I've seen my share of bad QBs, Goff isn't bad, he's average.
  7. I think Goff is in the middle pack of QBs in the league. I think Lance will take at least one, probably two years before he gets his footing, if he does. The kid is just raw.
  8. For what time period are you talking about? This year Goff for sure, next year probably Goff, after that who knows.
  9. Now you're just being silly. Lance is a complete dev project and maybe will be good, even great, in a couple of years but you definitely shouldn't have him above Goff now, same with Fields. Darnold hasn't shown half of what Goff has, even if I agree that he was hampered by the Jets failings at coaching/players.
  10. Humiliated him? Come on now, is this guy's ego that fragile?
  11. He'll definitely get touches, and maybe a lot if he's really good. JAX would be pretty foolish to immediately throw Robinson to the side though.
  12. The point is that it isn't a forgone conclusion. Maybe Etienne comes in and blows the doors off, but writing off a guy that ran for over 1000 yards on that team seems a little short sighted.
  13. Remember when Chris Carson got shown the door when 1st round RB Penny showed up?
  14. And if he says. "I think that's a bad idea, what about WR _____" then they still draft the QB.
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